View Poll Results: What should we nickname Elizabeth Rose?

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  • Elle

    8 7.14%
  • Ella

    3 2.68%
  • Ella Rose

    14 12.50%
  • Ellie

    18 16.07%
  • Ellie Rose

    12 10.71%
  • Eliza

    20 17.86%
  • Eliza Rose

    11 9.82%
  • ZiZi

    7 6.25%
  • Rose/Rosie (just the middle name)

    9 8.04%
  • Elizabeth (no nickname, just go by her full name)

    10 8.93%
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    Ellie is so sweet! I love Beth, too, though.
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    Please don't give her a nick name. Elizabeth Rose is gorgeous. I would like to hear it as a double barrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedutchess View Post
    I Love the names of your children! So pretty!
    I especially love James Monroe! Very handsome. And I love your choice of Elizabeth Rose.

    As for nicknames.... I like Ellie, Ella, Liza, but also Betsy and Bessie But I would just shorten it to Eliza.

    Thank you so much for your compliments! )

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    Elizabeth Rose is lovely!! I think it will be hard to decide on the nn till you "get to know her." Maybe she will just be "Elizabeth" or "Elizabeth Rose," or maybe she will def be an Eliza (my fav Elizabeth nn, fyi), or Ella Rose. They're all so very sweet.
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    I voted to keep her name full, I really think it's a lovely name on its own with so much history and use that it is easy to say all 4 syllables-and personally I am not a fan of nicknames. If I were to choose a nn, I'd go with Eliza (it reminds me of Eliza Doolittle). I grew up with two Elizabeths who kept their names whole, and I much prefer it to any of the variations. Lovely choice and good luck!

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