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    Brother For Archer?

    So we've been TTC. We just for a faint positive, so heres to hoping it's true!

    Anyhow, we've been looking at names and we both loved Sterling. Only problem, well our first sons name is Archer(named before the show) and just found out the show Archer's name is "Sterling Archer"... We get a lot of comments "Oh I love that show!" when we introduce Arch, and I don't wanna seem like a nut for the show. Archer wasn't a show and wasn't top 1000 when we named him, so I'd like something along the same lines thats different but not out there.
    The husband has veto'd EVERY boy idea, and said they're too "Harry Potter" and not masculine enough
    Examples -
    Outher (great uncles name)

    What are some classics that sound masculine but aren't over used?

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