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Thread: Southern Names

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    Southern Names

    I would love to honor my family's southern heritage with our baby's name. I'm looking for some southern name suggestions (both boy and girl). I've just started looking for names, so I don't yet have a great idea of what I want. Any ideas? What names do you think of when you hear the term "southern?"

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well, first of all, I think Southern tradition is to use family names. But some names to have a "southern sound" to them... I think of names like Savannah for a girl and Mason for a boy. All of a sudden I can't think of anything else. Good luck!

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    It depends on what you mean by southern. I mean, are you thinking of dandy, southern gentlemen drinking brandies on the veranda on a hot, July, Alabama night?. Or, are you thinking of something a little more hayseed? Cowboy/western, which really isn't southern, but it tends to get lumped together?

    For the first category I think surnames like Montgomery, Beauregard, or short names like Van or Guy that sound okay with a long list of family names and number behind them. Think Van Michael Cromwell Lastname III, Guy Leland McAlister-Sanderson Lastname IV, or Montgomery Charles.

    Beyond that or names like Jimbob and Bubba I'm not really sure what you mean. People in the south tend to name their children similar names to the rest of the country.

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    I have a friend from Mississippi named Lyda (pronounced with a long "I") and it's always seemed like a very Southern name to me - feels like it's almost meant to be said with a drawl, haha! That's really all I can think of. If you look at the SSA lists right now, they are very similar in the South to the rest of the country, with a couple of exceptions - Anna is in the Top 10 in Alabama, and Mary is in the Top 10 in Mississippi, both of which are significantly higher than those names' national rankings. So, I guess you could consider Anna and Mary to be "Southern" if you mean "popular in the South right now."

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    Sorry, let me clarify. My family is from Georgia and South Carolina. I would love to do family names, but my husband doesn't want to- he'd prefer to use "new to our family" names. I'm definitely looking for something more along the lines of surnames, or, as meogan said, "dandy, southern gentlemen drinking brandies on the veranda on a hot summer night." I'd like to avoid the cowboy/western names and a lot of the stereotypical southern names like Jim Bob and Bubba.

    Perhaps I'm wrong about how I view "southern" names, but here are some examples of my family member's names that I associate as southern:
    John Luke
    Kenneth Lee
    Mary Pat
    Linda Kay
    Walter Finn

    Double first names are big in my family. Again, who knows, maybe my understanding of southern names is completely off, but I think southern when I hear these names, and names like them.

    I'm trying to find a compromise with my husband. Since he doesn't want to use any family names, I'd like to honor my family by recognizing their southern roots. Maybe this is a stretch, but any suggestions are appreciated!

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