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    Question Brief update

    Brief update- visiting my mother, the ex Miss Sullivan, and she's totally freaking out about a granddaughter named "Sullivan" because it is not her generation's habit to use typically boy names for a girl. I can take only so much of her stress over this before I have to concede! So- now I have no girl names, save what would have been a middle name- either Geneva (don't like "Jenny" as a nickname but I can live with "Jenna"), or "Lilas" (French version- silent "s" as in "Lee-lah", but I don't like "Lee" for a girl.) and lastly I like Saorise, but it's still so hard to figure out in this country because the letters don't match the sound! ("Ser-sha") and I don't like making up new spellings which ruin the authentic name. But I've done no real research on girl's names because I was perfectly happy with what we had!

    Is Sullivan better than Flynn or Nigel, given that we have a long family history of "Sullivan"? I don't know if I want a BOY named Sullivan because THEN I think of half the Irish bars here. *Sigh*. Last time it was so easy!

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    From your list I think Flynn would be a great fit with brother Tavish. And Davis shares some of the same letters as Tavish - a nice connection to each other.

    If you wanted to go with Nigel then the combo of Nigel Sullivan is quite good.

    I like Flynn a lot more than Nigel though. Have you thought about Miles? I like Miles Davis but as he is an American Jazz musician there is on Gaelic or French connection.

    Combos of

    Flynn Davis
    Nigel Sullivan
    Miles Rowan
    Ronan Scott

    Psalm 23

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    1 Flynn
    2 Phelan (can also be spelled Faolan)
    3 Rowan

    Other Suggestions

    Tavish and Brennan
    Tavish and Malachy
    Tavish and Ronan
    Tavish and Niall
    Tavish and Cormac
    Tavish and Lorcan
    Tavish and Lachlan
    Tavish and Griffin
    Tavish and Cianan
    Tavish and Finlay
    Tavish and Eamon
    Tavish and Duncan
    Tavish and Gregor
    Tavish and Donovan
    Tavish and Ewan
    Tavish and Conall
    Tavish and Clancy
    Tavish and Eoghan
    Tavish and Cael
    Tavish and Fintan
    Tavish and Cashel
    Tavish and Callum
    Tavish and Galen
    Tavish and Finian
    All the best,

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    Lordy! I can't express my gratitude to you ladies on this... Taking time out of your day to answer. It is much appreciated!

    Another brief update- we've come to a nice, democratic arrangement with Sullivan. My husband is dead-set FOR it, so we'll give her the name Sullivan, ("to me," says my husband, "Sulli is very feminine, and "van" is very strong, with a sultry voice- like her mother.". However, for everyday use, we'll call her Liv. So- Tav & Liv I think works pretty well. Then, as she gets older, SHE can decide to stick with Liv or use Sullivan. Whew!

    But back to boys. We actually had quite a few of those names on our list, like Malachy, Miles, Eamon, (Egan), and Galen, and Malachy lasted the longest. I don't remember why it was dropped- maybe because my husband liked the last 5 (listed above) better. Malachy is also a bit tricky as I do prefer the long "I" ending over the "ee" ending, but then it becomes Hebrew, not Irish. Oh- and "Mal" in French means "bad" and since our children will spend a great deal of time in France with my husband's family, we have to take that into consideration too. In fact, Malachy Tristan was an option until I realized Tristan would remind them of another French word- "sad", so our son would make people think Little Monsieur Bad Sad? Eesh!

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    So one of my best guy friends says, "IT HAS TO BE NIGEL DAVIS!" (And thank you for pointing out the common "VIS" of Tavish & Davis! Hadn't even noticed!) Two other guy friends say, "IT HAS TO BE FLYNN DAVIS!". My girlfriends are very diplomatic and find positives in both. I'm actually surprised how much people seem to like Davis for a middle name! The middle names represent something about "our couple"' as my husband puts it. Tavish Gabriel, because I call my husband my angel Gabriel. So- Tavish, taken for my Father's Scottish heratage, Gabriel- loosely named for my husband. Davis is from Davis Square in Boston where we had our first date, and Geneva- where we lived when we "decided" on each other for the rest of our lives. So I'm trying to imbue meaning into the kid's names as best I can. (My mother's family is English & Irish, my father's is Scotish & Swiss, but since the Swiss have about one name of their own- Mauritz, we'll just leave that part out. Just like his grandmother's Swiss/German last name- Wiesendanger!)

    I realize I'm totally giving TMI, but with a month left, I feel pressure to get this down ASAP! I would prefer not to meet my child & not have a name for them!

    Again... a HUGE thank you... I appreciate hearing even that Flynn currently beats Nigel For some.... I think it still leads by a nose.

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