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    Hello! In one of your lovely lists, you wrote that if a writer needs help with a last name, to contact you! Thank you for that! I do need a Portuguese name for a boy named Adrian.
    Here's some info about him: He was born in the U.S, but his father's Brazilian, so Adrian has a Portuguese last name. The problem is that I can't find one that suits Adrian's name. So can you guys think of something? He gets yelled at a lot, so maybe something that sounds good being yelled out? Thanks!
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    Ooh! I like it! I need help with a last name for a character, her first name in Cassie, and her middle name is Matilda. For now I'm using Leighton but I'm looking for something that fits it more. Thanks!
  3. Flora leaned against the couch, “Just text him Klee! He’s taking forever.”
    “What who am I texting now?”
    “Dave. No duh Karen.”
    “That’s not even my name-”
    “No no, it’s an inside joke.”
    “Oh okay…where’s my phone?”
  4. “Well it just winked at you! Surely it can do other things…” Flora flicked through more channels,her hair flowers turning orange-red, yes her “hair flowers” did change color, and they always have. Flora and Klee were Hydras, no, not the dragon, but creatures created by the gods to help the world thrive. Every Hydra had an element; a single power to contribute to the Earth. Flora’s was plants, Klee’s was creating. Some elements fit Hydra’s better than others, but Flora and Klee were perfect examples of becoming one with their elements.
    “Want to watch Supernatural Klee?” Flora wondered aimlessly.
    Klee hesitated, “Uh let’s wait for Dave…actually wait, I think he wants to watch Adventure Time…”
    “I’ll just put it on anyway.” Flora said to herself.
    Klee looked back at the drawing…it had definitely moved…again. Weird, she thought, Blaze will probably know what’s going on…
  5. Story …

    Klee Kyan rubbed the colors together on her paper, the crumbling chalk staining her fingertips.
    “Where’s Dave?” Flora complained, flipping through channels on the deep TV that sat in a dark room in the Hydra Enterprise.
    Klee looked back to her paper at the boy’s face she was drawing…just in time to confirm that she was officially insane. “Did that face just wink at me?!?!”
    “I dunno. Ask it.”
    “Flora it’s a picture.”
  6. A piece of Conqueror below!
  7. I open my eyes to find Jamion telling me to get up. I look down to find a pool of sweat on the quilt. I try to relax. My heart is pounding a million miles a minute. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale- wait is it morning?
    I sit up fast and unwind my hair from its braid I put in last night. Even though I slept in a braid, my hair is still strait. I pull a navy hoodie over my heather gray spaghetti strap tank top and brush off my black sweat pants that I slept in. Finally I slip on my maroon converse.
    "Come on we gotta get out of here." Jamion says darting out the door. I pull on my backpack and follow Jamion.
  8. "Crap." He mutters.
    "What?" I ask Jamion. He droops his head and kicks the ground. "The next bus stop is a while away." Jamion replies.
    The little red-head girl walks up beside us. "What'd you want?" He asks in disgust. The girl glares at him and says, "I want to have a family but their all dead." Jamion just stares. She opens his mouth to say more but starts yelling instead.
  9. "LOOK OUT!" She screams. Jamion pulls out his sword and swings it at me. Instantly I duck, but there is an angry growl behind me. I take my dagger out of my pocket and jab it backwards. Is there someone behind me?
    I look over my shoulder to find a big heavy man with a long sword. The man lifts his sword over his head. I swing my dagger into his stomach, but it ricochets off. He must be wearing some kind of armor.
    He brings his sword down. But I'm suddenly dizzy, and I can't move my arm away from the man. I squint trying to keep the world in focus but it's too blurry. But then the clear world comes back harshly.
  10. I scream with pain and horror as I spot an arm on the ground. From the finger tips to the elbow, the fingers loosely grip a dagger. My dagger. It's my forearm. I look down at my hands, but only see one.
    I scream again. A deep scream. One of my elbows -my right- is a bloody stump. No. No this isn't happening. I have to have two arms. I try to scream again, but realize I never stopped screaming.
    Jamion grabs my left arm and pulls me but everything goes blurry again and I feel nothing. Although I'm still screaming. Oh my God. This can't happen. I can't have one arm. I can't. I can't be an assassin with one arm.
    The pain comes back in the shortest time. Jamion is still running, dragging along the little girl and me. He is covered in blood. We are all covered in blood.
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I love to write sci-fi, and I have done thaeter my whole life blah blah blah. Wow I'm really surprised your still reading this...
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Art, sining, acting, comedy, writing, naming, stuff like that
ummm I'm 12....although I do paint stuff and sell it for a $, but it's not really an occupation
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ummm I'm no


I'm Shi. A young fangirl, writer, singer, actress, artist, and namer
Fandoms include: Tmi/Tid/Tda, HP, Divergent, TFIOS, and Legend
Girls names: Phoenix, Salem, Pryer, Indigo and Fox
Boys names: Copper, Cobalt, Axis, Lake, and Uriah
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