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    Since I'm the leader, I'm not sure what I'll be doing! I'm hoping to learn Brazilian Portuguese, so if we do go to Brazil, I may have to float here and there translating, and may have to be here and there just making sure everything's working smoothly anyway. I think I'd be way too squeamish to be in the dental clinic, anyway, because I couldn't watch people getting their teeth pulled for hours on end. I also want to take a lot of clothes and stuff to give to people in need while we're there, so I'm sort of hoping I can flit off to different places and meet with people in need and help them out. I guess we'll see. I'm not so sure I'm glad that so many are interested, because I may have to do an interviewing process just to determine who can go! It sounds like at least 20-25 (maybe even thirty) are interested from my church, and who knows from our sister church! We can only take 40-45 people, and I'm sure there's way more that I don't even know of...
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    I think it depends on each individual's capabilities. For example, if someone works in a dentist's or doctor's office, I'd likely put them in the dental or medical clinic, but if they have some experience building, they'd definitely be in the church. I plan on seeing what experience everyone has when I have the meeting on the fifth. As far as VBS, it'll probably depend on interest level. I imagine my pastor will do the recruiting for the evangelistic meetings, if he holds them. He's said he wants to, but I feel like that's something he's going to have to organize, because I have enough on my plate already. By necessity, the largest part of the group will be building the church, but a couple will be in the clinic.
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    I am probably very guilty of that! lol. I didn't even notice it, and I think that's my problem. I tend to have a very flowy, poetic type of prose, and I get this idea, and think "this perfectly says what I'm trying to say!!!", but feel like I haven't made my point sufficiently, so I restate it a couple times for good measure. :/ lol. It wouldn't surprise me that you found some of the phraseology repetitive in nature.
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    I basically just told him the details of the trip and invited whoever was interested to come to our information meeting in October, and hopefully by then, we can get it solidified how many people are going (and which ones). I know the pastor himself is definitely interested, and maybe some youth (and who knows who else). I'm excited to see who shows up to the meeting. Every weekend I get a couple more people coming up to me, asking about the meeting we're having in October, or to say they're interested in going, so hopefully we'll have a solid group by the time it's time to go! I think I just really need to get the medical/dental and construction leaders set, because I definitely need to know those things pretty early on.
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    Oh, and about the recruiting--no, I don't think so? It sounds like the pastor will be doing it there, especially since I'll be constantly making announcements at my church and recruiting each weekend when I see other members. I talked to him on the phone Monday. It also sounded like he was going to try and contact some of his members to see if they were interested in helping out with either construction or the dental/medical clinic, which would be amazing, since I don't have anyone for either of those positions yet!
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    Thank you! I gave it to one of my coworkers (well, actually two, but only one said this), and she thought there was a disconnect between chapters 1 and 2 because she expected Grace and Benedikt to meet at the lunch Benedikt was hosting at his house, and then it just didn't happen. I think it was just that I didn't correct that misconception (on purpose! I wanted to surprise her), and it was so long since she'd read chapter 1 and then chapter 2. Nobody else seemed to think so, but since she was the first person to have read/reviewed it, I was worried others would think so, too.
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    We need about 40 people total, but apparently our sister church wants to take part, too, so I don't think we'll have trouble getting to 40!
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    Last I saw, one person said she wanted to know more. But she's someone I really wouldn't have expected, so that's good! I have had a couple people come up to me and say they want to come, too. So I think so far we're at at least 6 definites, with probably more. It depends on if my siblings and mom can come, and also if my pastor's family can come too, or just him. If they all come, that would push it up to 15 people.
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    Haha, thank you! I think I talked him into MAYBE a month from this Monday. I hope? I at least talked him out of this Monday, lol. And I'll be posting a sign-up sheet to see how many are interested, maybe, in learning about a mission trip. I think it'd be much easier to do for a couple minutes right after church lets out, but my pastor doesn't feel comfortable with that. He said he felt like it wasn't keeping the Sabbath, which I don't really get, but I guess it's different for each person.
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    I need to find a construction superintendent, too.
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