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    Well, hopefully something works out and ya I do, I plan on becoming a midwife. I love kids, and babies and after talking with my mom and praying about it and seeking the Lord, I really sensed I was to go into midwifery and I got more than one confirmation as well, so ya, once I graduate in the summer I will be heading somewhere to hopefully a clinic and start training and it will take a while, but eventually I will get a certification, but ya I am excited about it and everything to do with it
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    It's fine! I get it, I am busy myself That's awesome that you are staging a play! Oh you must! I love them, besides classics and Disney movies they were the other movies I grew up on, yes, she was successful, love all of her Shirley Temple movies
    Oh that is exciting! I love it when places play old movies on a big screen Sounds like a fun place and cool. And oh yes, I like I Love Lucy, she did a great job with those shows, they were hilarious and okay, I have only seen I Love Lucy, and that sounds fun, as far as people go my favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence (Love her, very good at her job) and for directors I really like Mel Gibson and PJ (Peter Jackson)
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    now the one thing I do wish about Pride & Prejudice is that when they made the 2005 version, that they had made it to the same length as the BBC original, because then it would have just been absoltuely beautiful and such a wonderful classic brought to life! I am kind of in between the two because of the length of the 2005 version and the older one, ugh, seriously though, like in the 2005 one Kiera Knightly and Rosamund Pike did wonderful jobs at acting, but ya, any other favorite classics? Did you ever watch Shirley Temple?
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    They are so good! And that is exciting, her work is amazing And yes, love Julie Andews! And ah okay, and I don't, I love it, I have always loved it, I watched it when I was young and as I grew I was able to enjoy it more, and often times we have one of those songs being sung around our home XD and yes, I also love Shirley Temple's movies and Princess Bride and I have seen Les Mis, which I liked, as for Into the Woods I didn't go see, I don't know, I do enjoy Les Mis, and I know, I haven't seen any and probably won't,
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    I love oldies! I love My Fair Lady and Breakfast at Tiffany's, and more classics I enjoy would be Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (it's a bit older, a great musical), Sound of Music and Pride & Prejudice (love the actors in the 2005 version, but the older BBC 5 1/2 hr version is by far the best one!) and more of Jane Austen's movies and okay, I really don't like horror, I just don't like what it all has to do with, and that's cool, I am not to keen on it, I prefer Avengers XD I really like Thor and Captain America As for shows I really enjoy The Flash, TIMELESS, Race to the Edge, Chicago Med and Scorpion, I do watch Supergirl and Arrow as well and soon will be starting Downton Abbey
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    It is, and I love it for that reason (and more) and lol, ya, school does keep me busy as well XD And yes, I LOVE Beauty and The Beast (Extremely excited for The Live Version!) I also do enjoy Frozen and haha, kid movies, well, I don't care, I watch plenty myself, I love Pixar and Dreamworks and another Disney favorite would be Peter Pan. And that's cool, yes, that is a great song And I don't know, I may watch Moana, but I am not to thrilled with everything, and yes!
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    Honestly, despite it being fantasy, it is more than that, Lewis didn't just write it for one purpose, but multiple, and one of the reasons why he wrote it was as a message of Christ, and as a parallel to the Bible and that is one of the reasons why I love it, along with Tolkien's works especially since they both were close friends and no I haven't (I actually am homeschooled ) and I love Mark of The Lion series and Keepers of the Ring because they're historical fiction, great christian books and they have romance, adventure, drama and more,sorry, I don't like horror, I just don't like it :P and for movies, yes, I enjoy different ones I love LOTR/Hobbit (Lol) and Narnia (Surprise XD) and I love Disney, I enjoy the Star Wars movies, and I also like HTTYD, and I also love a lot of classics, give me a musical or a Jane Austen one and I am good and I do like some action movies as well (Marvel is pretty cool) but ya, I have more, but what about you?
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    be The Chronicles of Narnia and pretty much all of Tolkien's books, I have already read The Hobbit and very excited to read The Lord of The Rings, Morgoth's Ring and Unfinished Tales, but at this moment I am reading The Silmarillion, which I adore, I mean, if you have not read it, Read it, is so sooo good! It is amazing, I enjoy it, I actually own a book that is basically a Summary and Atlas and Explanation of everything that takes place in Middle Earth and I read that after The Hobbit, and it really helped, because I was able to understand some things more so in the books (it's called Tolkien An Illustrated Atlas, you can find it Costco) but yes, i love Tolkien and Lewis, I also enjoy the movies, even if they don't exactly follow the books XD, but yeah, I love those (sorry, had to split the conversation up)
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    I have to say though, I like a lot of Modern Christian Literature, things that might have Historical Fiction, tied in with action, romance, drama and all based around faith (Two of my FAVORITE series would be The Mark of The Lion series by Francine Rivers and The Keepers of the Ring series by Angela Elle Hunt, and along with those two I do enjoy my classics of Jane Austen (Love the movies as well) (those probably follow those two series and the ones I will mention) But my favorite British Lit and pretty much Literature of all time would most defintely
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    It's fine I understand
    and that's cool! Sounds like a good variety and sounds like you are going to have fun , I like a lot of British Literature
    And The closet to YA I like is Narnia XD lol, but then again, that is still British Lit, but other than that, I don't really either, i mean I like The Hunger Games, but that is really it, and I like American Lit, but it is not my top favorite, I have read two of Shakespeare's plays, (and have seen a play of Rome and Juiet) well I did kind of skip some of one, I skimmed it at least because I was having a bit of trouble, because I was busy with other things that semester, hehe, and that one was A Winter's Tale) but I made sure I read Spark Notes, to figure out anything I missed, and I also have read A Midsummer's Night Dream, which I highly enjoyed (I actually took a class on it and watched a live version and a movie version and read the play) and with Winter's Tale I read it as part of British/English Lit last yr,
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