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  1. I appreciate you giving me feed back. I completely agree! And that is what I want, a name I can picture on a little baby, toddler and adult. Plus the fact it has meaning (Anton) is a super big bonus. Plus I never hear it anywhere. I love your description of that name btw! Exactly like I can picture all our girl names on little ones and I get so giddy. I could even see Hazel, Penelope and Clementine as sisters if we had three girls. That is what I love when a connection happens without trying. I like Anton Marius as well! I can ask him about Nikolai my fathers name is Nicholas so thats a cool spin off. Holy crap I didn't even notice that, good point out. The naming process drives me crazy lol I am sure you know with a girls name.
  2. Anton Raoul just sound perfect together! They're both very handsome, warm and sexy names, but while I do see the gorgeous grown up man, I can also see an adorable toddler playing with his little toy train or eating apples. The name is so cosy! It's all over the same feeling the girl names give me, I feel like I can see all your little children huddled around your kitchen table making biscuits or something.
    Anton Marius was another good one, it's very striking. Anton Xavier, Anton Nikolai? Almost all good boy names are two syllables, have you noticed that? Drives me crazy...
  3. had to break it up into two messages: I like the suggestions you mentioned though (Morgana and especially Cleopatra) that can definitely stand up to Aphrodite. What other middles do you suggest with Anton? Do you think Raoul sounds what he thinks it does or is swooning? That is ultimately what I want,
  4. Its okay you didn't know! I just hate when I fall in love with something and then boom there it is on NB so a lot of the times I wont say our front runner name I will get advice on other names to have as backups. Exactly, I want to be able to present a name that we discussed and agreed on before anything. Plus I really like the name and would like to use it since if it is a boy he would have a nice connection to his daddy. No I have to check that out. Its like I feel every name I look at I just get angry because I am not falling in love. I fell in love with all three girl names especially Clementine Genevieve I literally swoon and Penelope Rosalind. I love how you suggested that middle for Clementine. But you also have a little girl with a strong name.
  5. Aww, I'm sorry!!! Shouldn't have mentioned it. I get what you mean though, I like to be fairly certain about my names before I reveal them. You've got quite a few months to find names though. Have you been to British Baby Names ? She's got lots of lists, and a lot of those names seem to be right up your alley!
    I get how you feel, for me it's the opposite though. Boy name was easy (have my top four), but girl names are so ridiculously hard. I think it might be because I already have a girl, and it's even more important to me that a girl name can hold its own against Dita's name....
  6. I am not really being open about Anton. Other names I don't care about but whenever I seem to mention a name I really like it pops up everywhere. And maybe its the hormones but boy names are getting the best of me. I like being private with that name and talking about it with you personally. Im weird lol I closed the thread cause I think I just need to step away from it. In terms of the names you suggested, my boyfriend is really picky so I like Ariston Grey which I think he will. I also paired Emeric, and Stellan with Anton. And he said he thinks Raoul is related to black people even though its French. So far the boy process has not been as fun as the girls.
  7. So I think I found some combos I like from names you suggested.
  8. You think so!? I was super shocked I totally thought you would of said another one lol. I just like that sexy European flare for some reason. But for siblings would any of my girl names go with that? I really appreciate your person feedback. Thanks!
  9. Anton Raoul is amazing! Seriously, it's rocking! I found some names I think you might like, but I'll pm them to you instead (as it's rather long...)!
  10. I want a swoon name or one I am in love. I like those but I cant picture myself saying it forever. Yea I closed it because my boyfriend vetoed practically all of them. Except Roman Xavier (he likes Xavier better than Ignatius), Cyprian Atlas, and Cyprian Altair. So I figured I would start over. I just need some inspriation! And here I thought girl names were going to be difficult but those are all picked out now. Also if you know of any middles to go with Anton. He is iffy about Anton Raphael. Other Anton combos I came up with are:
    Anton Lazaro, Anton Raoul, Anton Eduardo, Anton Rafferty, Anton Mauricio, Anton Maurice, Anton Marius, Anton Aristotle, Anton Lysander, Anton Xerxes (one you had said) and Anton Marcellus. Swoon worthy at all? I appreciate any help I can get you always have great suggestions.
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