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  1. Thank you once again. That's true - boys names are easier for me however as I don't like nearly as many for boys as I do for girls. By the time I TTC, I'm sure my list will be entirely different anyway. I love Edmund and Violet together. Not liking Violet's rising popularity however. You have inspired me to start considering Araminta more closely.
  2. I have the same issue. But your names are fantastic, really. And it's not like they can all be used (which is a little sad.) And I just saw Edmund and Violet paired together. Happy naming sigh.
  3. You're absolutely welcome!
    Thank you for that! I'm always struggling with what names sound nice as a sibset. Especially because I have a few similar names across the genders!
  4. Oh, thanks! I've had a glance at your signature and your pairings are delicious! Percy and Sibyl are adorable together! Your taste is excellent!
  5. I've just seen your signature - your names are swoon-worthy! I'm especially excited to see Dorothea, Sybil, Araminta, Edith, Agnes, Crispin, Percival, Phinneas and Albert!
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