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  1. It is beautiful and I love that your partner chose it My husband chose both our daughters middle names and I feel like it's special that I can say Daddy chose it.
    When I think about it I can understand what you mean about it being hard to pair with a middle name. It definitely works better in the middle.
  2. I really like the name. It's a bit interesting to pair with a middle name as I put the emphasis on the second syllable, which can make the next name sound... clunky? It's much easier with Lenore as a middle name (flows like Marie). My partner is a big Edgar Allan Poe fan, and has always wanted to name his future daughter Lenore. I like the idea that my future daughter would have a name that her dad chose and loved.
  3. That is very interesting! Although we didn't see the same thing we did both see a a mixture of 2 things! What do you think of the name?
  4. My mum sees half red, half brown. Interesting!
  5. Thanks for the reply! I will ask her and get back to you.
  6. Hi Alistephe!
    Lenore is a beautiful name! When I think of the name I see a field full of Violets with one yellow Daisy in the middle. Have you asked your Mum about the name? What did she say she can see? I always find it interesting to find out what other people 'see' in names! I never know why I see what I see in names. Like with Lenore I don't know why I see the filed of Violets and one Daisy.
  7. Hi, was just reading about your comment on the synesthesia thread. My mum also sees colours and images in names. What do you see in the name Lenore? It is the name that my partner would like to use. Thanks for reading
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