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  1. That's her name, that's her name. Everyone will get used to it. I think the senna connection is minimized as long as you keep the original spelling, which of course you will.

    Again, depending on the phonetics of your maiden name, I think Sena + MN + Annabel/Violet is a very nice option. Congratulations again.
  2. Your box was full so....

    It's hard, as that's her name, laxative connection or not. It's actually pronounced SAY-na, not Sen-na, but we figured Sen-na is easier to recognize, and secondly someone likened Say-na to Neveah and I just about died! I think Say-na will just be a nightmare her whole life correcting people over and over. Maybe you have an opinion on this?

    I am still considering all the possibilities-- but court is quickly approaching, and we'll need a name. I am taking your advice into consideration. Thanks for responding!
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