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  1. Where is that Otter hiding? Is she off dining on oysters? Teaching her young to hunt squid? Floating on her back singing otter songs? Did she get stuck in a tangle of seaweed? Hope all's well Otterling!
  2. Hey Chatty McChattington. When will they give us more inbox storage?
  3. All clear now!
  4. Hey there missy. While you're doing the holiday cleaning, will you dust out your inbox too?
  5. I'm not Christian either, but I like the idea of a blessing with water. Christening a baby with the white gown and all that feels sweetly old-fashioned, very Jackie O or something. Get out your pillbox hat and your kitten heels! My mother also likes things with initials on them.. Funny. It's a kind of WASPy territoriality. Little silver mugs, etc. Glad to enable your nicknaming habit. I had an awful fantasy yesterday of calling Crispin "Cricket" (just every so often!) But DH told me I was out of my gourd.
    Yes, I'm going to do MW school, but I have a couple of years before I get to sink my teeth into the actual specialty.. It's different here than in the UK. I need a slew of prerequisites and a regular nursing training first. Anyway, I'm excited. Thanks :-)
  6. Thanks, Emmsie! We do love it very much, Petite Amie is a sweet nickname as well (I've kind of become nn obsessed, all your fault!!!). Yes, we're christening her, but as I'm not a christian I just call it a nameday party! It's very important to his parents and my mum (and the grandparents) that she's christened, and as it doesn't matter to me we're doing it. Our families are pretty relieved we finally settled on a name, cause it's tradition in both our families to buy things engraved with the name and birth date. We've ordered a christening gown from this shop Blade told me about. How are you doing? Is it midwifery you're starting studying?
  7. Hey O. Congratulations on a baby well-named! You must be thrilled with petite-AMIE. Glad you went with that order. It's gorgeous. Are you going to have a Christening/naming party for her?
  8. I get it. Synesthesia can be a b*tch. I love Yseult and Nimue especially. Beautiful and Summery.
    I'm doing well thank you. A bit scatterbrained, figuring out my life.. but all's well beneath the fog.
  9. Yeah, just Beatrice. It doesn't fit. I know this makes me look crazy, but Rosalind and Illyria are pink/light green names to me (like those pretty roses), and Beatrice is deep velvety red. They don't go. So we're considering Isolde, Yseult, Nimue, Olwen and a few more. We've got about six weeks to decide (we'll give her the second middle for her christening).
    I think it was really very pretty with Beatrice, but when I looked back a when I decided that was the combo to go for, it was one week before she was born. It didn't have time to sit with me and let's face it, I was full of hormones and quite crazy at the time. Not that I'm less crazy at the moment... haven't had more than 2-3 hours of sleep in a row since she was born. I'm tired!
    How are you doing, Emma love? xox
  10. Ottsi Tottsi
    Is there going to be a Roo-redo? Do tell!!!
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