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  1. This year Canada's been off the ball in the whole snow department. Last year was really snowy and the year before I had so many snow-days it was unreal. We got like nothing done that year 'cause all of the kids couldn't consintrate at all we all just waited for break so we could make snowforts and throw snow balls !
    Right now we have practically no snow and when we do get it, it's gone by the next morning or just a little depressing bit is left.
    Question about England though, apparently it's really rainy, is that true?
  2. Hey I noticed you posted on my profile No, it's sadly not a white christmas in canada which sucks, maybe it will be for new years though *fingers crossed* I like your idea for the Harry Potter fanfiction btw
  3. Hi Lucy,
    We seem to have alot in common! Can I ask, is it always a white christmas in Canada ?, 'cause in England it's been raining all day!
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