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  1. Hello my sweet! I'm voracious lately when it comes to yours and Sarah's threads...can't wait to sink my teeth into Gwenllian! Just want to let you know I heart you and hope your day is going well ^_^
  2. Oooooh, that one is gorgeous! I can't help it, I think this baby is a boy. I know midwife said it's 85% certain it's a girl, but I have a very real feeling it's a little laddie. I'm putting this one on my list for baby boy, if Will comes around to Hyperion. Thanks so much sweetie! xxx
  3. I know we're not doing boy combos any more, but Galileo Vincent Hyperion literally came to me in a dream, and it was so swoonworthy I just had to share! Of course with the search being down I couldn't actually go find the proper thread, so you get a wall post
  4. That is curious! Well, it's a good thing, wolves are striking creatures. I'll pm you more about my dream later, sweets. xox
  5. Coincidentally, just the other day a random stranger came up to me and said I wolf eyes. Nothing else just, "Miss...YOU have the eyes of a wolf." O.o Messages from the universe?
  6. Oh wow! That gives me goosebumps! I'd love to hear all about this dream, PM me if you like.
  7. Weird message warning: I keep on having this strange ethereal pregnancy dream where I'm in the forest surrounded by wolves, and I'm not going to get into the whole thing as that's not really the point, but one of the wolves looks like you! In a wolfish way, very pretty with loving eyes and gorgeous fur. Not saying you look like a wolf... but it reminded me of you in some way.
  8. You're a good wife, Sessha! Luckily for me, my man's idea of fun is eating dinner in bed and watching super hero movies. I don't need to go out on a limb to do that... I think if he was a bit younger he might've tried to drag me along to things like that. But maybe undoable with a baby anyway? Hehe. Lucius and Belphoebe made the cut, along with some other weird stuff. Will post the boy one later tonight I think! Lots of hugs xox
  9. We're at a LAN party lol. Not my favorite thing ever, but this weekend is my anniversary present to Husbie. We went to the museum of science and industry yesterday and today he's getting his geek on. I'd probably enjoy it more if I were better at the games

    So glad to hear you're taking time to relax! Looking forward to seeing the updated lists...I'm really drawn to the Belphoebe and Lucius combos this time around...hoping they make the cut!
  10. Thanks, sweetie! He's taking good care of me, bringing me tea and cake and letting me watch as many rom-coms as I want. Roo's a bit demanding, but that's ok. She's so cute when she smiles, and that makes up for everything. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!
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