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  1. Just been told we can start to (carefully) make our way back home. Just hoping we've got a home fit to live in.

    I made sure I found out everyone's name in the shelter, even in the midst of all what was happening, I didn't stop being a name nerd!
  2. Hmmm...make a list of all the interesting names in the room...or list names for every letter of the alphabet or something. Names are normality! Hope everything will be OK and you get to sleep. Zzzzz.
  3. I'm just trying to find things to fill my time.

    Stuck in the evac center at the moment, cannot go back to where home is yet, as the road has partly collapsed.

    Trying to find some sense of normality!
  4. Hey. Hope you're OK. That hurricane is sure big! I am laughing not at you but that you are still on nb in the middle of it. Have a good night.
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