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  1. I haven't been on nameberry for months eiher, it's crazy it's April already!
  2. Oh, that's okay! I've also been crazy busy. I haven't been on Nameberry for months now!
  3. I agree about the movie being better! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, my schedule has been absolutely insane!
  4. Your welcome! I figured you liked the Hunger Games because of the names Clove and Cato in your signature. Do you like the books or movie or both? I read the books, and really enjoyed them. I thought the movie was good, but could have been better.
  5. Aww thank you! And yes I do like the Hunger Games, how did you know? haha
  6. Your welcome! Yes, my name is Abigail, and thank you. I love the name Olivia, it's so pretty! I have a cousin with your name. Am I right in assuming you like the Hunger Games?
  7. haha thanks!! ;D your name is Abigail right? I love that name My name's Olivia (you can probably tell from my username)
  8. Oh thank you, how sweet! Cool, your a teen berry too!
    I also love your names! Especially Poppy, Clove, Talia, Luciano, Xander, and Cato.
  9. Oh my gosh some of the names in your signature are so pretty! I've always loved Seraphina, Scarlett, Willow, and Elena!
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