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  1. Yeah, I think I did...maybe I can try to resend it?? I'll double check my Private Message folder.
  2. Hey, did you message me recently? I can't to make it come up.
  3. I will defiantly have to read them sometime. I have never read A Series of Unfortunate Events. I did read the Hunger Games though and really enjoyed them, I wish the movie could have been a little better though. I am on the last book of The Inheritance Cycle, they are really good but long!
    Your not bothering me at all! I love messaging! I am assuming that PM means 'private message'? Sure, that would probably be easier.
  4. Yes, I definitely recommend the books! I also like A Series of Unfortunate Events series ... not a big fan of The Hunger Games, though ... after the first book it kind of gets boring.
    And no, you aren't messaging me too much, I was actually worrying if I was . But if you want, you can just PM me instead, it doesn't really matter either way!
  5. I know, I am always worried about annoying people. I think some people also get annoyed with messaging back and forth too much, tell me if I am messaging you too much!
    I've only seen the movies, but I loved them! Maybe I should read the books sometime? What other series' do you like?
  6. I agree with you that a lot of villain's names have been used before ... oh, and don't worry about saying a lot ... I probably would if I wasn't so afraid that the person would think I'm annoying ...
    Anyway, yeah I'm a big fan of Harry Potter . I love both the books and the movies but I prefer the books ... much more detail!
  7. Thanks! Actually Harry Potter is where I first heard the name, at first I thought it was unusable but then I thought there are other names villains have had are okay to use so why not this one? Anyway, sorry I said so much! I take it from you profile picture you like Harry Potter? Me too! Maybe we share a love for good movies?
  8. I love the name Bellatrix from your sig! Totally a guilty pleasure for me now though because of Harry Potter ...
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