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  1. Sorry i have been away a few days on holiday, so i just got your message... and i say 'yah'. I think it's best for us to all get along on here, also at the end of the day names are just names it's not like it's 'politics'(not that there aren't people out there who don't care much about politics at all either).
  2. I'm not mad with you.
  3. Truce then? : ) ?
  4. Hi
    I know that we had a bit of a tiff but i'm willing to forget about what you said as i'm sure you didn't mean it and also apologise for any offence that you might have felt. We're are all very different people on here but that doesn't mean that we can't all get along. Also i think that Dita and Cleo aren't too weird at all and 'if' they were it's still your decision. In fact Dita is quite 'vintage trendy'. I'm not really a person who doesn't speak their mind when i feel it really matters and i don't mind being the one voice disagreeing in a sea screaming 'yes' and i hope that people would also feel ok giving constructive criticisim about my names too. However i do and can remain more silent sometimes!

    Anyway i have just answered one of your questions although i may not be of much help.... however i also answered a question of yours about Dogs the other day so i may be of some help there as i know a bit about dogs and you said your not much of a doggie person.
  5. Yeah, it just doesn't suit her. It makes me sad because I love the name, it just doesn't fit. We're considering a few names at the moment... I think we managed to get it down to nine yesterday, but a lot of them are variations of the same names.
  6. Omg your changing rosalind's name? i hope you find something soon! Try not to stress about it though, as a baby naming obsessive i'm sure you'll find a name very soon. What names are you thinking about though (i'm here with suggestion's if you need another perspective.)
  7. Haha, how sweet of you. Yeah, well, green eyes are in the brown eyes family. Most of my family has green or blue eyes, but I do have some family members (my grandmother and her ancestors) with brown. I've got most of her colouring (apart from the eyes) and it looks like Roo's got it too! Thanks, sweetie xx
  8. Heh ottilie. I was just researching genetic's and i'm pretty sure that you said that you and your partner had together blue and green eyes and rosalind has brown. Which i think makes her quite unique! as a blue and green eyed parents don't hardly ever have a brown eyed child. (I probably did learn that at school years ago....) But maybe several of her grandparents have brown eyes which might have possibly have made it more likely to have happened.... not sure. Anyway i found that interesting.
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