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  1. That would be nice, I love to see what people look like!! And thank you
  2. Yes, missusaytch's avatar is a bit odd, but thankfully she has a profile picture to sort that out or else I might be totally frightened. Yours is very pretty as well! I should find some sort of decent picture of myself to use....haha that leafy green thing is a painting of a tiger by Henri Rousseau. It's kind of childish but I really like it.
  3. I do that too! I see the avatar and that's the face I put on that person. It's very strange... at the moment I'd say missusaytch has the scariest avatar, but her profile picture is so pretty, so that's how I see her. Luckily. You don't have a face though...all I see are trees, nailpolish and now something leafty and green (not wearing my glasses, can't quite make it out!).
  4. So I did! You're right, I really do associate almost everybody with their avatar. In real life that would be really odd -- it would be incredibly troubling if some people looked like their avatars (such as Blade, for example!)'s one of those things, when I'm scrolling through a thread, I recognize people by their pictures so it threw me off a bit!
  5. Haha, yeah, I think we all do (with each other, not just me. Not that self involved...). You've changed yours as well! Change is good!
  6. Ottilie, it's surprising how much I associated you with your previous avatar! I almost did not recognize your posts when you changed it, but I love this one too! Both are very nice.
  7. Both my parents are incredibly good at maths, and my sister is fairly good at computing/problem-solving, etc. I used to be in advanced maths when I was little but hated it passionately. I think my parents were a bit disappointed with me having such an interest in arts and history, but they were condoled by the fact that there are such practical uses for all these things.
  8. i suck at maths... We're all literature, art and history people in my family, so no pressure on sciences, luckily. My brother is studying in the states as well!
  9. My younger sister is studying in the U.S. so my dad didn't get his Cambridge daughter, but she is studying medicine which pleases him to no end! When I was younger and showed no special mathematical ability, he would always say to me, "You can study whatever you like so long as you keep your maths ability up" and he still tells me this sometimes. The job I'm applying for now does involve a bit of mathematical skill, though, which may be an issue as I'm very bad at it...
  10. Haha, yeah, the only thing that got me off the hook was that I studied classics, and Oxford is the best university for that. and my sister went to Cambridge, so he had one of his daughters there already.
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