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  1. Isn't amsterdam amazing? i'd love to live there, it's perfect for our lifestyle. Scary though, moving somewhere when you know noone at all. but I guess with a baby you will get new friends anyway. How's your names coming along? i'm narrowing mine down pretty nicely...
  2. A friend of mine is raising an infant and a four-year-old in London - she tells me how unfriendly to mothers and to children she finds the city. I loved London the one time I visited, but I couldn't imagine raising a baby there. It sounds like your boyfriend has job offers in three cities that are all much more conducive to raising children - the Scandinavian countries are all so good for babies, and Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in the world. I love Paris too, but don't know what it would be like for raising children.
  3. Aha, I see. I'm half norwegian, and me and my boyfriend are not too keen on raising Baby in London (it's so polluted here) so we're considering Copenhagen at the moment, along with Paris and Amsterdam (He has offers for jobs in these three cities). Scandinavia is very baby friendly and clean compared to London.
  4. I'm actually not Finnish at all. My partner is, and is a very proud ex-patriate. I'm far more agnostic about ethnicity. I think we're stuck with Finnish boys names, at least for the first. Not necessarily so for girls' names; although I like Finnish boys' names, I much prefer Victorian English and Ancient Greek names for girls.

    Any reason in particular you'd move to Scandinavia?
  5. You're finnish? Interesting. I've been to Helsinki once (I'm norwegian-british). I think you should name your children what you want... or I think you'd regret it later. But I guess it should be something people where you live would be able to pronounce! My boyfriend and I are considering moving to Scandinavia somewhere, so we are taking that into consideration.
  6. Desmond is a great Irish name. I will probably stick to Finnish names, but more and more I'm thinking of just using the names I love - to hell with what people think. For boys I think we have a name almost picked out - partner's father's first name, partner's grandfather's first name (which is also my partner's middle name), and a second middle that I get to choose. For girls, even though I know names like Victoria, Lavinia, Alexandria, and Octavia would be strange here, I might choose the names I love rather than the practical ones.

    I can't wait to hear what name you pick when the time comes.
  7. I love Desmond too, Boyfriend not too keen. We're doing two middle names, which are giving us trouble too. But we have six months to decide.
  8. That's a good question. I have three different lists of names I like - romantic, mostly Victorian and Edwardian names, names from Greek (and very occasionally Roman) mythology, and practical names I'd actually consider using. Of the practical names, for girls I like Eos, Blair, Phaedra, Cora, and Morgan, and for boys I'm partial to Dorian, Corvin, Petteri, Desmond, Alexis, and Lauri.
  9. Do you have any special favourites, apart from Eos? I'm reworking my list now, together with my boyfriend. Trying to find names we both like. This far, Waverly and Ulric are most likely to be used.
  10. Eos is one of my very favourite names for a girl (although I'm biased, of course). I really like Lux as well. Quinn and Ulric are very cool names that I've heard of in literature, but never real life. I love all of the names you have chosen.
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