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  1. What Moonkai said ^_^
  2. Well, how much do you rock? To infinity and beyond! Muahahah! Thanks so much, sweets, can't wait to see... combo threads will appear shortly. I hope your day will be a delicious autumnal wonder. And a late happy Samhain to you!
  3. Just so you know, I spent like 1/3 of my day browsing images for some of the names on your list. I've only got Pandora and Sylvestra so far, but I plan to do Bellatrix, Desdemona, and Eowyn as well!
  4. You're welcome. My version rocks! I'd love it if you put Tobias Wayland on your list, it's awesome!!!
  5. Thanks so much for sharing the rest of the story! Gotta say, I like the Otter version much better!
  6. Yeah, it's the same one. Wayland's story is sad, but I'll give you the overview here.
    Wayland and his brothers were married to three swan maidens. They were captured by Wayland's brothers, and when they escaped Wayland buried himself in his work and became an exceptional smith. The evil king in the kingdom heard of his talent and had him captured and imprisoned, forced to make beautiful treasures for the king. Yes, Wayland killed his sons, but they were just as evil and cold hearted as their father. What happened with the princess I'm not sure, from what I've learned it was a seduction, not a rape. He didn't kill any birds, he collected feathers on the beach on the island where he was held captive. He fashioned himself wings and flew off, searching for his lost wife. In some versions he fins her, in other we don't find out. I think it's a tale of someone who has unspeakable things happen to them but are able to keep their focus and come out on the other side. I hope this helped a bit!!
  7. Oh, Otter! I meant to ask you about Wayland…You're more familiar with the name and legend than I am. When I mentioned it to Husband last night, he was really intrigued. Not only for the smith connection, but apparently it has significance in the Star Wars universe as well, and Hubs has always been a huge Star Wars nut. However, when I did a little internet research into the legend, what I found was actually kind of tragic and horrible – a captive smith who is crippled to keep him docile, who kills all his captor's sons in revenge, as well as drugging and raping his daughter, then rips the wings off of birds in order to fly away and escape O.o Are we talking about the same smith Wayland here? If so, what is there in his story to recommend him as a good namesake?
  8. I hear and I obey
  9. Clear out some messages or else! Okay, or else simply means you won't get your reply. And you want your reply won't you? xox
  10. I heart you too ! Yes, you've been a godsent for Sarah I think. Such beautiful replies. I'm working on Gwen now, but she's tricky... I will need lots of help, so be prepared. I'm actually blank on all the names. Hope you're having a lovely day too <3
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