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  1. Oh my goodness! She is just precious. She's got an adorable little nose!!! Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
  2. Aww, you're welcome! Thanks, and Rosalind's photo is here:
  3. Thanks so much Ottilie!! Your daughter's name is absolutely incredible. Did you post a pic? I didn't see one in your thread. Anyway, so glad your little Roo is here and healthy. Congratulations!!
  4. You know little Happy looks exactly like her Mama? She's beautiful!!! You did a good job with that name!
  5. Thanks! I'm excited to see what I choose too, haha. I have five names for each, none completely done yet, the pregnancy hormones drive me crazy and makes me question every decision a thousand times.
  6. Your names are awesome!!!! So so cool. I like Faramond A LOT!!! And Cressida Charis Amoret just sounds so lovely. Can't wait to see which name you get to choose!!!
  7. Yeah, due four days after you. I've started having contractions as well... I don't know the gender, and names are hard! Right now I want Herne Antony Wayland or Faramond Oliver Eglamour for a boy and Cressida Charis Amoret for a girl.
    I love the names you've chosen, they're both gorgeous!!!
  8. Oh my!! You totally changed your avatar and had me all confused!! I had to double check to see if it was you. lol. You are expecting this month too right? Boy or girl? Have any names yet?
  9. I'm due on the 23rd of this month but been having a lot of contractions lately so could be any day now!! EEEEEEE I'm so excited. Right now we are in between Finch Cordelia and Happy Frances, and are going to wait until we meet her to make the final choice!!
  10. I'm guessing people were too rude... it's unacceptable, I always enjoy your threads. People have told me I'm trying too hard to different as well, but nothing like what you got. Can't wait to see what you name the little girl. When are you due again?
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