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  1. That's a little crazy! I pretty much just got into them this last month. My cousin told me about them but I figured I wouldn't like them, she tends to listen to only the top songs, many of which I don't like. But when I finally listened to some of their songs and watched their interviews and such I realized I do like them. How long have you been into them?
  2. Haha.. I have some crazy directioner friends who knew almost all the lyrics the day after the video was put up! LOL they must have clicked replay a thousand times!
  3. That's amazing how quick you are! I forgot it came out until I saw it on facebook, but I've already watched it about three times. I think my favorite is still 'What makes you beautiful', because it's just so sweet.
  4. Yep, I did. About 1-2 hours after it was posted.. It's amazing !! My fave 1D song is Moments though..
  5. That would be great. I can't wait. Have you seen 1D's latest music video 'Live while we're young'?
  6. Haha ! I'm thinking of what to do one about, hopefully there will be one up tonite!
  7. Your welcome! I actually wasn't telling you to do another, I was saying I was going to respond to another one of your threads, but that would be fun if you did another 1D thread!
  8. Thanks for your comment! I will try to make a new 1D thread.. and if any one else has some thread suggestions-- let me know!!
  9. I was just looking at your 'started threads' and I realized tons of the ones I love you started! I also really like 1D, I'm going to do your other 1D one later today.
  10. So you like 1D? So do I! Want to friend me?
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