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  1. Cool, thanks I don't know a whole lot about mythology, and even less about Slavic mythology, but it turns up some awesome names! I couldn't seem to find much info on it either.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's not related to the Rose family of names - I'm saying "roz-ANN-nick-uh", but that could be wrong as I can't find it anywhere. is where I found her first, and from what else I can tell, she is a Slavic goddess of Fate, much like the Moirai in Greek mythology. I think it's a pretty cool name to be honest, and easy to say and spell. Thanks for the appreciation!
  3. I saw that you'd mentioned the name Rozanica in saracita's thread- a great undiscovered gem! How do you pronounce it? Is it actually a derivation of Rose or just shares the same sound?
  4. I was thinking just exactly that the other day - Berries especially do seem to be very interested in literature and mythology, and many of the names I see quite often around here are from books/poems/myths. (Though Fitzwilliam still remains an undiscovered gem, in my opinion!) I love the King Arthur legends, although I don't know very much about them - I will have to look Sir Tristan up. And I totally agree, I always love it when a name has a beautiful story behind it, even if it isn't a happy one.
  5. Thank you so much too, ciottolo! I do love literature even though I'm not as well-read as many Berries seem to be... Yes, it's quite clear I love Mr. Darcy, isn't it? I'm actually not familiar with Tristan and Iseult, just heard of it- I actually heard the name from the King Arthur legends, there's a Sir Tristan. I'll have to look it up. Literary connections always make names even more special and beautiful for me. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that!
  6. Thank you so much - I found another Fitzwilliam lover! They are rarer than you might think... And I'm guessing, as you like literature (it says in your signature, I'm not just stalking you...) it's after Mr Darcy too?! Your names are beautiful, and I love how they all have such literary history. Tristan, especially - that would have been on the list for me if I hadn't loved Iseult just slightly more! My profile picture is from "The Gates Of Dawn" by Herbert James Draper - although I love his work, it hasn't been quite enough to bring me around to Herbert, unfortunately... Thank you again.
  7. The names in your signature are gorgeous! Fitzwilliam is one of my favourite names, and I love Roselaine, Helena, Iseult, Ophelia, Guinevere, Altair, Thiern... And love your profile pic- looks like such a powerful and strong woman.
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