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  1. Ottilie, it scared me a little when someone said something had happened to you. :/ Hope you and little bunny are all right and that you'll be back on Nameberry soon!
  2. Ottilie, I see you're posting again so I'm guessing you're back home? Hope you had a great time in Italy! Another place I've dreamed of visiting but never have... well maybe one day...
  3. Reading your new thread, I realized I wasn't 100% sure what you'd decided on as Roo's new name! Is it Aphrodite Marian Illyria or Aphrodite Illyria Marian... or something else altogether?
  4. Ottilie, I see you changed your signature again- Roo will only have one MN? Rosalind Illyria is lovely, with and without Beatrice at the end Hope things are going well with you and little Roo!
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