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  1. A boy!! So excited for you. When I'm on a baby kick, I dream that I have a bunch of silly boys. What fun.
  2. Thank you! Yes, he's still terrified but I'm thrilled
  3. What? Did I read that right? A little baby moonkai on the way? Congrats to you and husband! That's wonderful news. <3
  4. Thank you! My sister made it
  5. love the new avatar!
  6. Hi Redwoodfey! Thanks for the name compliments! You also have excellent name taste! Zosteria is one of the goddess Athena's poetic epithets, meaning "girded in armor", and Anakalypteria is an ancient greek word that means "Unveiling".
  7. Well hello there fellow lover of some truly gorgeous names! Seraphina, Zephyr, Zosteria, Tiernan, Caspian, Antigone, Asriel, Pendragon, Anakalypteria? Yum! You have some winning names there. I've never heard Zosteria or Anakalypteria, but oh my gosh I want to close my eyes and say them over and over again.
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