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  1. Hey Liana

    I have actually been looking for a list like that. The list I found was on I don't currently have an experience with adoption besides the research I have done so far. I know the website I provided is American, however, I had yet found this kind of document. I will contact the Australian adoption sector to ask about the list. It seems odd to me that these are the only countries we have a connection to as many other countries adhere to the Hague Conventions of adoption. I also hope to adopt at some point and so this is something I will ask now so we both can find out. I read this bit "People can apply to adopt a child from a country with which Australia does not have an adoption program. However, these requests (known as ‘ad hoc’ requests) are only considered in exceptional cases, as they are generally not consistent with Australia’s approach to intercountry adoption. "
  2. I have read your post in the Momberries thread and saw you had other countries listed available for adoption in Australia than I was aware of.
    This website contains the only international countries I knew about -

    If you could tell me where this information is it would be a great help.
    Do you have any experience with adoption?

    I am only a teenager but have looked into this and seriously considering looking down this path.

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