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  1. Hey Otter - just wanted to check in and let you know I was thinking of you and you, Mr Otter and Roo and the name search for Bunny. Hope all is well and a little break from NB is doing you some good.
  2. Thanks, It's what happens when your the Best-Mate at a wedding I guess!
  3. I know, I'm pretty terrible... you're so gorgeous by the way, you look like you've jumped right out of a Jane Austen novel!
  4. Maybe NB just thinks your being greedy -> with a perfect little girl and then you also want friends. I mean seriously now! lol.
  5. Thank you! I think she's pretty gorgeous... and thanks for the sweet words in the birth announcement section (also, I tried to friend you, but nameberry won't let me have any friends...)
  6. I was in class earlier when I saw your birth announcement and I just saw the pic you posted of little Roo.
    She is absolutely breathtaking. One day she's going to be fending off the boys (or girls) with a big stick. Congratulations again!
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