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  1. Haha! I imagine your novel to be great. BTW my mum could only eat McDonald's fast food when she was pregnant with my brother.

  2. Thanks! I like to think I am :P It's hard to remember to squeeze in blog posts when I'm so close to finishing a novel and I'm trying so hard to finish it before a baby comes!
  3. Congrats!! I read your blog and it's simply gorgeous. You're a very talented writer.

  4. Yeah I'm fine...

    What is your novel about?
  5. I'm fine, well I've just had surgery, but anyway...

    Angel is a really pretty name!!

    You write novels? Thats so cool. I've wanted to write one, but I've never got around to it.

    This might sound weird but, how old are you?

    I'm thirteen tomorrow... yay!!

  6. Hey Dantea,

    firstly is Dantea your real name cos its really cool!!

    Woah!! this page has ALOT of visitors!!



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