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  1. Thanks.
  2. Well honestly...I don't have any "secrets" to being "popular" (please excuse excessive air quotes) on NB. I just reply to a lot of stuff, try to be nice to everyone, and just have fun with names.
  3. That's awesome. I wish that happened to me, I wish I was more popular here on NB.. any suggestions ?? I try to post a lot, and about interesting topics! And lucky you, do you know when it's gonna be on the site?
  4. Pam PM'd me asking if I wanted to do it...I was so surprised, I read the blog a lot but I didn't know that normal teenage Berries like me could guest blog! I thought it was only for people who had written name books or something!
  5. Oh yeah.. I'm not in the USA, so it's obviously different.. I can't wait to read your blog, sounds awesome!! Of course, you are writing it. Did Pam or Linda ask you to write one, / how did you get to do this? Thanks, wondering because I'm about your age, and I would love to be able to do something like this, especially because I love writing and I love names ! <3
  6. I'm from Ohio, and my school started on August 24, so we're pretty far in. (I just noticed my last two visitor messages started with "Yep." Haha.)
  7. Yeah, haha I know what you mean. Although at my school, I don't really have any homework yet because this is gonna be our first week of school because we started school on Sept.5th.. where are you from?
  8. excited! I'm sorry it's taking me so long to finish the awards but I'm working on the last poll right now! As you said, I am only 13, so I have a lot of homework and other stuff to deal with!
  9. That's awesome On the awards? And you're just 13?
  10. Yep, I soon as I get around to finishing the NB awards!
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