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  1. LOL. Not me...I guess when you come up with a good name you should copyright it or something. Heehee. If they start trying to impersonate me or something troll-ish like that though, report them to the admin! Thanks for mentioning it.
  2. Odd... did you made another account? Just saw a post by someone with the username "quinntheeskimo"
  3. Oh, definitely dashing romantic heroes. It's hard to put a succinct title on this particular brand of naming though -- with the strong, feminine, just a little sexy heroines -- and the brave and noble, romantic, adventurous, innovative, maybe even a little swashbuckling, hero men. Unfortunately, my sister said that Deveraux sounded like "a midlife crisis!" I guess he was too swashbuckling for her!
  4. Thanks saracita! I love how Deveraux, Tristan and Riordan sound like dashing romantic heroes, and Azalea and Scarlett have a strong sound while still being totally feminine. Just curious, what kind of vibe do you get from them?
  5. AHH! I can't believe it -- someone who loves Deveraux, Riordan, AND Azalea? And Scarlett AND Tristan? I love your list.
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