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  1. You're welcome, and thanks in return. Ransom Horatio is one of my own favorite boy combos. I seriously would love to name a son Ransom. And I have more trouble with girls' names, too!
  2. Just wanted to thank you for that wonderful visitor message you left on my profile! I also wanted to say that I just looked at your signature and I fell in love with Ransom Horatio so handsome!
  3. I just wanted to say that I saw your signature for the first time today, and I'm in awe of the combination Barnabas Hugo. I have a 22-year-old brother named Barnabas Andrew, and Barnabas is still a name you almost never hear. Why? I think it's one of the most handsome names going.
    I enjoyed reading the longer name list on your profile. Our tastes overlap a good deal. You have some wonderful gems there!
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