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  1. That is probably one of most terrible fake stories we have seen around here, it makes me sad that someone would make up such a lie when it truly happens to young girls all the time!
  2. Definitely. I thought the whole affair was so disgusting I never bothered to reply directly, and when I saw her melodramatic second identity never garnered any attention or reply posts, I just let it die. Good call on reporting it.
  3. Fyi user appy is a fake. She originally posted under username rainbows, then got called out, and then came on as appy and apologized for her 'friend' that stole her story of rape/whatever and blah blah blah. The admins deleted that thread so many people might have missed it. I've reported her yet again. I recall you being one of the main people calling rainbows out, thought you ought to know!
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