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  1. Haha I'm hoping my future husband either doesn't care or has the exact same taste as me...or just realizes that as a Nameberry member I should get my way! Luckily in my experience the girls usually get their way. A good thing dad seriously wanted to name me "Wayna" as a feminization of Wayne to honor Wayne Gretzky. That's not even a real name!
  2. Ha ha -- agree that it is good that you don't have 6 kids! Heck I'm in my 30s and I'm glad I don't have 6 kids. Ha ha.

    Those are unarguably great names. I really hope you get to use them! Us married berries have found that husbands can often be name downers ... but of course helpful in other ways ... sometimes ...
  3. Saw your question on my post - just planning ahead! I'm actually 16 so it's probably good that I don't have 6 kids, haha. But hopefully one day! Thanks for liking my sibset
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