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  1. I have the same problem with being embarrassingly unfunny. Things always sound so much funnier in my head... I really love Evelyn, Audrey and Scarlett. Evelyn Grey is a stunning combo, and Evelyn Plum or Audrey Plum would be gorgeous. Tristan is an unwavering favourite of mine, so it's lovely to see someone else giving it some well-deserved attention.
  2. It probably is for me too. The disappointing thing is that I am really unfunny and that no matter how many times I crack a joke, the room just goes quiet and nobody laughs, but when anyone says the slightest funny thing I will burst into peals of laughter. I love to laugh, but it's a bit embarrassing.

    I'm glad to know we think the same way about names too! My new loves are Evelyn, Scarlett, and Audrey as you saw and I really like Maple or Grey or Plum or something along those lines for a middle. My tastes change nearly every day though. I also really like Tristan as of late.
  3. Haha glad to know I'm not the only one I like to think of it as a sign of wit, but I think in my case it's probably just a childishly overactive sense of humour. I really love your names by the way, we have similar taste.
  4. I read your biography and I laugh an unnatural amount as well. I, too, am not entirely sure whether I should take this as a good or bad sign...
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