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  1. Good to hear you're helping spread the Merlin love It's definitely influenced my naming taste, probably far too much if I'm honest. I adore Guinevere, and as much as I try I can't shake my love for Tristan, Emrys, Arthur or Morgana. It's sad because I know I can only ever really use one as a fn.
  2. It will air in over here either January or February, but I hope to watch it online when it airs in the UK. Everyone who I've introduced Merlin to loves it, but not too many in the US are familiar with it, that's why I've jumped at the chance to bring it up to you! The show has influenced my naming taste a fair amount, have you noticed the same?
  3. Hi Wow, exciting to find another Merlin fan! I see you're in the US, when does the new series air over there?
  4. I'm guessing your a Merlin fan? I love the show also! I can't wait until season 5.
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