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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply! I love the lists you sent,in fact I was just trying to convince dh of Magnus a couple nights ago. I think Barrett would be greatif only I hadn't suggested Barron to a close friend last year who used it. This was when I thought we would for surely have a Beckett someday. The more the time passes the more I feel like Beckett just lasts the substance of the other kids names for some reason, especially when matched up with the the brothers names. I also really like Linus from your list...I've gotten mixed reviewsabout it though. Some like while others say it reminds them of anus&private man part At this point I'm rooting for Mathias-a family name on my side &the last couple weeks Ive grown more attached to it. DHs favorite at the moment is Augustus so we would have to compromise w/August. He likes the idea of having a Gus. Angus be perfection for us but im afraid of the beef rel. It has the Gus nn, ties in the N with the other kids, easy to say, easy to spell.
  2. Congratulations on your fourth child!

    And thanks for asking for my thoughts

    You seem quite happy with Matilda for a girl, which would be a gorgeous choice. So just in case you're still toying with girls ideas, a few more suggestions are Eliska, Calla, Cassia, Tamsin or Bridget.

    You seem to be having a bit more trouble with a boys name. From your picks I like Everett and Mathias. I'm personally not a fan of Atticus and August, but of the two think August would work better. I'd suggest just Leon rather than Leopold. And I like Beckett, but for some reason have trouble loving it with Conrad, Nolan and Juniper. Some suggestions you may want to consider:

    Hopefully I've helped spark some new ideas - congratulations again
  3. Thank you so much! Any ideas for our fourth, due in a couple weeks?
  4. Thank you Working on a name for #4!
  5. Noticed the names of your children in your signature - I love your choices!
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