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  1. Sorry! I cleared some space! Send away - I want to hear from you. :-)
  2. Hey Lemon! Clear some space in your inbox dear, I'm trying to send you a message but there's no space!
  3. Hi Lemon! Sorry, I've fixed it so send your message over

    I tried moving them to the "Important Saved Recieved Messages" folder, but it still counted them in my total messages count so it still said that I had 50 messages save, and I ended up just having to delete them all
  4. Hey, Laura - you're box is full again! I was trying to respond to you but couldn't. Better archive some of those, huh? ;-) Talk later.
  5. Your box is full up this time! Here's my response to your message:

    Well, the only Phoebe I know is named...wait for it...Phoebe Penelope! So, clearly her parents didn't think the names were too similar! I see what you're saying. Same origin, same first and last letters, same "ee" ending. But they have distinct sounds to me. I'll always choose Phoebe because it's short and sweet and that's what I like, and I wouldn't want matching first letters, but if you've got a bunch of kids, does it matter? I don't know...

    Alma Morgan. Not amazing, but not horrendous. Almira Morgan? Mira or Alma for short, maybe?

    PS I love Thea and Linnea with Claudie and Penelope.
  6. Laura, I'm so sorry about that! I've just deleted forty messages, so hopefully we'll be good for awhile. Send away, miss!
  7. Me too lol!! I'm also trying to send you a message but your inbox is full. Lemon, you are way to popular
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