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  1. Grazie, Ottilie! Quanti lingue parla? Io trovai un persona su Youtube che parla 20 lingue! Lui è un "polyglot".
  2. Balzopartito!! Lei è bellissima... Marito la chiama orsacchiotto! Now back to English... google translate is actually pretty good, I'm trying to learn Czech at the moment, and it works nicely (or so Husband says). And your sentences were nice! Pomegranate jucie really isn't that hard, you just squeeze it and sieve it to get rid of all the pits and white stuff. And it tastes so much better! But it's not like I do it everyday, haha! Have a nice day, sweetie
  3. Ottilie - I just found out on another thread that you speak Italian! My family speaks but I never learned, so I've been trying to learn for a while now. I wanted to reply to your post (if LoLo's a Bonny Lass) in my choppy, awful Italian, but I figured it would be better to do so here than in the actual thread. I hope you don't mind?

    Cosi, questo non ha a fare con nomi, ma sono molto impressionato si fanno proprio succo di melograno. Io non anche ho la pazienza da mangiare un melograno - tutti le piccoli semi!

    I hope that was understandable. I'm really a beginner, so Google translate is my best friend right now. Good luck with the names, and the picture of Roo is just beautiful. What a cutie!
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