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  1. Oh gosh I always forget to clear out my inbox... and it's always when you're trying to send me a message it seems! It's cleared out now but take your time - it sounds like you've been crazy busy, so no worries! Hope everything is working out okay
  2. Bounce, dear, you're full up again! PS Sorry I've been so insanely busy and haven't been responding to you. I just moved two weeks ago and its been insane. Anyway, when you get some space cleared out, let me know. :-)
  3. Your inbox is full! So, here's my reply. I don't want to lose it...

    Helena Tempe is cool but has a lot of "eh" for my liking, since I say Helena as Helen with an A. I want something zesty like Helena Roux, but I don't think that's you. With Violet Grace, I'd go for something simple and delicate like Helena June, maybe. And, I love Tess, you know, but she feels too nickname-y next to elegant Violet and Helena. I'd try Adeline, Catherine, or Caroline, or maybe Beatrix or Lucille.

    I've actually got the celebrity baby name round-up blog written (should I send that to you via email in January?) and am adding names in these last two months of the year as I see fit! It's a super long blog - sorry! And, yes, I have some favorites. You'll just have to wait and see... ;-)

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