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  1. Cleaned it out again! I'll have to remember to do that more often...
  2. You're out of space again! Speaking of, I'm going to go clear out my inbox... ;-)
  3. hi i cleaned up my inbox a bit so you're able to message me now
  4. It's not you, E. NB just doesn't link that sort of thing off profiles - go figure! Anyway, see if this link ( works, otherwise a good old-fashioned Google search of Lemon's Lists on Nameberry might work. Thanks!
  5. Hi lemon! i'm not sure how to get to your lists from your it just me or nameberry?
  6. E,

    You have too many stored messages in your inbox - oh no! Anyway, I did a quick update on my girls' list. Thanks for reminding me! Also, asking me to add to that Warby Parker list is really hard! I'd add Dandridge, Todd, Quincy, Gardiner, Mackintosh, Pierce, Lincoln, Grant, Arthur, Lee, Wolfe, Ford, Davis, Briar, Wren, Basil, Rue, Brooks, Ellis, and Adair. That's all I can come up with right now!

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