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  1. Hi Riley Anne,

    Apologies for the late reply, this message has only just popped up in my notifications.
    Elea is my nickname (full name Eleanor) which I pronounce the same as Ella. I have never really had a pronunciation issue as I usually introduce myself verbally as "Ella" and will casually tell people later on that I spell Ella "Elea" because that is how it is spelt in Eleanor. My parents switched between Elea and Ella when I was little, but I now used Elea because I have always loved the way it looks.

    Coincidentally, I did get called "el-ee-a" as a petname by friends at school (who had no idea I spelt Ella E-l-e-a) which became naturally spelt Ellia.

    There is no official pronunciation for the name. Some use it as a short form of Eleanor (I know other Eleanors who pronounce Elea the same as "Ellie"), while others use it as an alternate spelling of Alia / Aaliyah. It is so little used however that I think you can make whatever you want of it and no-one will question it.

  2. Hi Elea, my name is Riley Anne. I was actually wondering about your name. My stepmother is pregnant (I live with her and my dad), and she said I could help name the twins, and I love the name Elea. It relates to a Leah we know, but I don't like Leah. So, I thought of Elea. I pronounce it eh-Leah. A few questions: how do you pronounce it? Do you like it? Do people pronounce it correctly? Would you recommend this name to an expectant parent?


    Riley Anne
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