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  • Unique Baby Boy Names

    <a href="">Unique baby names for boys</a> are more widely used now than ever before. Fifty years ago, the Top 20 boys' names represented 41% of all male children; by contrast in 2015, the Top 20 boys' names represented only 14% of all baby boys. Ironically, the greater variety of names being used today means that unique boy names are more likely to be accepted at school or in the workplace. There are lots of ways for names to be unique, from spelling to new creations, but here at Nameberry we're often most inspired by those names which are at once unusual and yet filled with history and meaning. Here is a selection of our current favorite <a href="">unique names for boys</a>, from A to Z. For even more choices, see our full list of <a href="">unique baby names</a>.

  • Unique Baby Girl Names

    <a href="">Unique baby names</a> for girls come from a range of sources and include place names, unusual vintage names, surname names, invented names, and baby names from around the world. Here is a handful of choices to get you started. Also check out our fuller list of <a href="">unique baby names</a> and search names by first initial and origin to see thousands more unique names for girls

  • Unique Baby Names

    <a href=>Unique baby names</a> are literally one-of-a-kind, but a unique name may also mean one that is unusual, cool, and distinctive. In fact, when people refer to unique baby names today, they usually mean a name that stands out from the crowd, that departs from tradition and that may have a unique spelling or pronunciation. But unique names for babies can also be place names, word names, surname names, international names, nature names, or traditional names that come from other cultures or that have been buried in the attic for decades or even centuries. Nameberry offers thousands of unique names: Here are some of the best to get you started. <p> <p> Want more more more unique names for your baby? See all the lists of <a href="">unique baby names</a>.

  • Unique Baby Names from History

    <a href="">Unique baby names</a> aren't only the new and the invented; there are also many highly unusual names with deep historic roots. Read more about this topic in our blog on <a href="">unique baby names</a> from history. Here's a selection of the most intriguing.

  • Unique Irish Baby Names

    <a href="">Unique baby names</a> and Irish baby names are two groups with plenty of style power, so what happens when you mix the two? Although Irish baby names have become much more popular in the US in recent years, there are still plenty of unique Irish names waiting to be discovered. We nominate these choices for parents looking for baby names that are both Irish and unique, especially in the US.

  • Unique Middle Names for Girls

    Unique middle names for girls appeal to even more conservative parents, who may look for an unusual middle name to set their little Emma or Elizabeth apart. Unique middle names may be unusual first names or can also be nature, word, or surname-names. When sifting through unique name choices for the middle, try to find one with personal meaning. If you want even more to choose from, see our full list of <a href="">unique baby names</a>.

  • Unisex Baby Names

    Unisex baby names usually lean slightly towards one gender or the other. Some of the unisex baby names here are close to 50/50, but even when they're not, they sound equally appropriate for boys and girls. Here are the unisex baby names most popular today. <p> <p> <a href="">See ALL the unisex baby names on Nameberry.</a>

  • Unusual Baby Names

    Unusual baby names come from a range of categories, from ethnic baby names to place names to word names to surnames used as first names. Of the thousands of unusual baby names on nameberry, here are some of our favorites.

  • Unusual Baby Names

    <a href="">Unusual baby names</a> come from a range of categories, from ethnic names to place names to word names to surnames used as first names. The best unusual names are distinctive without being strange, seem unique yet are also easy to understand. Of the thousands of unusual baby names on nameberry, here are some of our favorites.

  • Unusual Biblical Baby Names

    The Bible is full of names, many of them having grown more popular as baby names over recent years but hundreds of others still unusual. Unusual biblical baby names for boys and girls from both the Old and New Testaments include the following.

  • Unusual International Baby Girl Names

    There are hundreds of unusual international baby girl names throughout this site. Here's a handful of the most appealing.

  • Unusual Nature Baby Names

    There are lots of great nature baby names around these days, some of them mainstream -- Lily, River -- and many more off the beaten track. Here, some of the most unusual baby names drawn from nature.