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  • Jane Austen Baby Names

    If you're a fan of Jane Austen, you might draw inspiration for baby names from her characters. These classic baby names are perfect for parents who value strength, sophistication, and substance.

  • Jane Austen Names for Boys

    Looking for strength, masculinity and sophistication? Search no further. These traditional Old English baby names have lost none of their royal luster, and are shared by some of Jane Austen's bravest male literary heroes. And no, we're not just talking about Mr. Darcy.

  • January Baby Names

    January baby names might mark the beginning of a new year with meanings related to newness or freshness.

    Names for babies born in January can reference all things winter, including snow. January’s birthstone is the garnet, which works as name for a boy or a girl. The snowdrop, January’s birth flower, offers some naming inspiration as well.

    Famous figures born in January, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Henri Matisse, would make great namesakes if you are expecting a baby in January.

    Along with Nova and King, popular January baby names ranking in the US Top 1000 include Hope, Dawn, Aurora, Reagan, Sophie, and Zane. Unique January baby names that we recommend include January, Winter, and Wolf.

    All the choices here make excellent names for January babies.

  • Japanese Baby Names

    Japanese baby names are only beginning to be used in the West, as the world becomes smaller and international names become more accepted in most countries. Some Japanese baby names that translate easily to Western culture and language include the following.

  • Jazz Baby Names

    The list of jazz baby names, a special subset of musician baby names for both girls and boys, is full of old-school cool.

  • Jewel and Gemstone Baby Names

    Jewel names were popular a century ago and they're back in style now as baby names. Long considered the exclusive province of girls, there are some precious stones and minerals that lend themselves to boys, such as Jasper and Onyx.

    Along with Jasper and Onyx, other jewel baby names in the US Top 1000 include Amber, Esmeralda, Gemma, Ivory, Jade, Opal, Pearl, and Ruby. More unique possibilities with great potential include Emerald, Garnet, Goldie, and Peridot.

    There are many gemstone baby names out there, beyond the Ambers, Crystals, and Diamonds you may remember from growing up. Among the jewel names you might want to consider for your little gem are:

  • Jewish Baby Names

    Jewish baby names are multi-dimensional, representing Hebrew names from the Torah, Yiddish names that were historically used by Ashkenazi Jews, and names with gentile origins that eventually gained widespread use among Jewish communities.

    Alexander, though Greek in origin, has long been used by Jews, originally to honor Alexander the Great. And Molly, an Irish name, was often used as a translation of names like Malke and Miryem when European Jews immigrated to America. It’s been popular with Jewish families ever since.

    Along with Alexander and Molly, other Jewish baby names in the US Top 1000 include Alana, Ari, Benjamin, Esther, Hannah, Jacob, Nina, and Solomon. Unique names with Jewish history that might appeal to modern parents include Goldie, Lev, Romi, and Wolf.

    If you’re looking for a name that will connect your child to their Jewish heritage, start here by searching our masterlist of Jewish baby names.

  • July Baby Names

    July baby names can be connected by the Independence Day holiday, which abounds with name inspiration. July itself works as a name for a July baby, as do all the other related names like Julian and Juliette. Names linked to July’s birth flowers, the larkspur and water lily, are excellent options, as are those related to the ruby, July’s birthstone. Late July babies might have a leonine name related to the Leo sign of the zodiac. Since it is the seventh month of the year, names like Seven and Septima are especially appropriate for a July baby. Names for babies born in July can also reference saints whose feast days are celebrated in July. If your baby is going to be born in July, these names make wonderful options.

  • June Baby Names

    June marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, so any sunny, summery name is would be fitting for a June baby. Names related to June’s birthstones, pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone, are bountiful. Likewise, names inspired by rose and honeysuckle, June’s birth flowers, are apt for a baby born in June. Names for June babies may also connect to famous people born in June, or historical events that took place during the month. Father’s Day is celebrated in June in the United States, so names with fatherly meanings, like Abigail and Axel, make good options for a June baby. These names are worth a thought if you are having a June baby.