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  • International Variations of Christopher

    Christopher, one of the most popular baby boy names in the US over the past decades, has many intriguing international variations.

  • International Variations of George

    George is one of those classic baby names that bridges many cultures and languages, each of which feature of variation on the name. Here, the international variations of the baby name George.

  • International Variations of Helen

    Helen is a girl's name with a long and legendary history. Meaning "the bright one" in Greek, she was the beautiful queen in Homer's Iliad. Other notable Helens include disabilities activist and author Helen Keller, painter Helen Frankenthaler, and actress Helen Mirren.

    Along with Elena and Eliana, other international variations of Helen in the US Top 1000 include Elaina, Elianna, Elina, Helena, Eileen, Nora, Lena, and Ellen. Leni, Eilidh, Elin, and Helene are among the foreign variations that are common abroad but rare in the US.

    Helen is experiencing record lows but remains a classic name. If you are looking to honor a special Helen in your life or want a name with a brilliant, time-honored history, explore our list of international variations of Helen.

  • International Variations of Jacob

    Jacob has been the Number 1 boy baby name in the US for so long now you might want to think about using one of its international variations.

  • International Variations of Jane

    Jane is one of the classic baby names for girls that has a wide range of variations around the world. Jane itself is a variation of Jehanne, the Old French feminization of John that also spawned Jean. Popular Jane variations of the past, such as Janet and Janine, have faded, making room for fresher options such as Gianna and Giovanna.

    Along with Gianna and Giovanna, other international variations of Jane in the US Top 1000 include Hana, Ivanna, Jana, Janelle, Janiyah, Giana, and Giavanna. The Irish variant Siobhan feels especially stylish right now, along with the Russian Yana, Polish Zanna, and Galician Xoana.

    Jane continues to be one of the top middle names for girls in the US and is making its way back up the charts as a first name as well. Whether you’re looking to honor an important Jane or John in your life, or just want a fresh take on a classic, view our extensive set of international variations of Jane below.

  • International Variations of Julia

    Julia is one of the most classic baby girl names, one that has a wide range of appealing variations around the world.

  • International Variations of Katherine

    Katherine is one of the most classic baby names for girls, one that has spawned a host of variations around the world.

  • International Variations of Margaret

    Margaret is among the most classic baby names, with a wide range of intriguing variations throughout the Western World.

  • International Variations of Mary

    Mary may not be exactly stylish among baby girl names now, but as the top girls' name for centuries, it's spawned many intriguing international variations.

  • International Variations of Stephen

    Stephen is one of the classic baby boy names widely used in the middle of the last century. Some variations you might want to consider instead:

  • International Variations of Thomas

    Thomas is among the most classic baby boy names, with variations in several Western cultures.

  • International Variations of William

    William may be both the most classic AND the most fashionable of boy names today. Here are some of its international variations.

  • Invented Baby Names

    Some parents attempt to come up with a cool name by inventing one of their own. They may alter a too-ordinary name, vary a spelling or a pronunciation, or cobble together several euphonic but previously unrelated syllables. This quest to be unique can sometimes backfire—create too cool of a made-up baby name and it might catch on (we’re talking to you, Miley, Meilani, and Maxon). The following invented baby names hold some appeal, but fair warning—some of these made-up names have already become mainstream.

  • Irish Names for Dogs

    Irish names for dogs might be a nod to your dog's breed, as in Irish setter. Or maybe you've got a red-haired dog that looks Irish and so needs an Irish name. Or it might be you who's Irish or who simply loves names from the Emerald Isle. These Irish names are perfect for dogs.

  • Irish Surname Names

    Many of the best Irish baby names did not start life as first names at all but are Irish surname names. An astonishing number of these Irish surname names used as firsts make the US Top 1000, especially for girls.

    Riley is the top Irish name of any kind of baby girls in the US today, with Ryan the top Irish surname-name for boys. Along with Riley and Ryan, the other top Irish surname names used as first names in the US are Connor and Nolan for boys, Kennedy and Quinn for girls.

    One fresh factor in Irish surname names for babies: Names that start with Mac or O' are now fair game as first names. So if you want to name your baby O'Brien or McNamara, go right ahead. For more information, check out this list of list of the top Irish surnames today.

    Here's a whole group of rollicking names that work for both girls and boys....or you can use one from your own family background.

    To explore Irish name options beyond surname-names, click here for our full list of Irish baby names.

  • Italian Baby Boy Names Beyond Giovanni & Giuseppe

    Italian baby boy names are heard more often in Rome, Italy than Rome, New York, but are eminently usable here as Italian baby names continue to grow in favor.

  • Italian Word Names

    One new direction -- or is it two? -- for the intrepid baby namer is toward foreign-word names, which combine two of today's coolest trends. We combed our own diccionarios for Italian words that could make perfectly appropriate, attractive Italian baby names. But no reason to stop here--consider words from the language of your own ethnic background, be it Czech or Chinese, and add them to the list of your personal possibilities.