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  • Geek Chic Names for Boys

    By Emma Waterhouse

    Cool names for boys come in all shapes, sizes and styles. There are some evergreen classic boys' names which never go out of style: think traditional mainstays of the US (and UK, NZ, and Austalian) Top 100 boy names, like James, William, and Joseph. Other cool boys' names — like thick black-rimmed spectacles and heavy oxfords — are so out they're in. These are the clunky, old-school vintage boys' names that are starting to feel fresh, funky and a little bit daring, but still rooted in tradition.

    A few of these geek chic names for boys are now heading into the mainstream, like Arthur, Hugo and Franklin, which all rank in the US Top 500 baby names for boys. Others, like Alfred, Harvey and Louis, have already caught on in a big way across the pond in England & Wales, where they rank in the current Top 100 boy names. But most of these edgy, uncommon vintage baby boy names are still waiting to be revived, and would make a great choice for parents who want a unique baby name with a rich history.

    Browse our list of unusual vintage and retro baby names for boys here, or see our pick of the best Geek Chic Names for Girls for even more inspiration.

  • Geek Chic Names for Girls

    Cool names for girls come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. There are some evergreen classic girls' names which — like the little black dress — never go out of style: think traditional mainstays of the US (and UK, NZ, and Australia) popularity charts, like Elizabeth, Katherine, and Hannah. Other cool girls' names — like thick black-rimmed spectacles and heavy oxfords — are so out they're in. These are the clunky, old-school vintage girls' names that are starting to feel fresh, funky and a little bit daring, but still rooted in tradition.

    Along with Elizabeth and Hannah, other cool, geeky girl names in the US Top 500 include Vivian, Olive, Matilda, Elsie, June, Esther, Josephine, and Iris. Names including Harriet, Imogen, and Florence, have already caught on in a big way across the pond in England & Wales. But most of these cool, uncommon vintage baby girl names are still waiting to be revived and would make a great choice for parents who want a unique baby name with a rich history.

    Browse our list of unusual vintage and retro baby names for girls here or see our pick of the best Geek Chic Names for Boys for even more inspiration.

  • Geezer Names for Girls

    Blame it on Sidney. This name, which conjures up images of thick glasses, a snowfall of dandruff on shoulders, and plaid polyester pants pulled up to the sternum, sounds (strangely enough) nothing less than charming, nothing short of cool when applied to a little girl. And so too can the other geezer names here. Caution: Most of these names should not be bestowed on a boy. The world is not yet ready for another generation of male Seymours and Sheldons, although keep in mind that among the hottest boys' names in the UK now are Harvey and Leon.

  • Gemini Baby Names

    Gemini baby names often start with the symbol of the twins. If you're looking for a name for a Gemini baby, you could consider names that mean “twin,” or use a name that references a famous twin from history or literature.

    Gemini is represented by the color yellow, which comes in many shades that could work as a name for a Gemini baby. Names for a Gemini baby might also include those related to the sign’s intellectual qualities, or its status as an air sign of the zodiac, drawing in names that mean air.

    The months of May and June might also inspire names for your Gemini baby. The gorgeous flowers and nature associated with these beautiful months might also prompt ideas for Gemini baby names.

    Include some of these Gemini baby names on your list if you are expecting a baby born in late May until the start of summer.

  • Gender-Neutral Baby Names

    Gender neutral baby names and unisex baby names are similar, but not exactly the same. We think of gender-neutral names as names that are truly free of a specific gender identity, while unisex names are names that are used for both sexes but may nevertheless skew more masculine or feminine. Names that we consider gender neutral include the following.

  • German Shepherd Names

    German Shepherds can be a breed with lots of creative name choices. You can give your German Shepherd puppy a German name, or perhaps a name that means or implies guide or ruler. There are both popular and unique names that work well for German Shepherds. Look to this list for inspiration for names for both male and female German Shepherd dogs.

  • Girl Baby Names Moving Up Fast

    Baby girl names moving quickly up the popularity ladder include the following. Expectant parents who are looking for a girls' name for the first time, be warned: Many of these names may seem strange and unusual to you. But according to statistics, all these names for girls are becoming more popular in recent years.

  • Girl Baby Names That End With S

    Okay, all these girls' baby names don't literally end with S. Some just end with the S sound. But that S-sound ending may be all it takes.

  • Girl Names ALWAYS in the Top 1000

    These perennially popular girl names have all appeared on the Top 1000 list for every year since the U.S. government started keeping records in 1880. While many are names you'd expect to be classics, such as Elizabeth and Sarah, there are lots of surprises here.

  • Girl Names Ending in Lyn

    The lyn ending for girls' names has become hugely popular in recent years, with lyn making a name from nearly any beginning. The girl names ending in lyn range from the classic Evelyn to the popular Brooklyn to the up-and-coming Westlyn. Along with Evelyn and Brooklyn, girl names ending in lyn in the US Top 200 include Madelyn Adalyn, and Jocelyn. While the names collected here are by no means all the girl names that end with lyn, they are our recommended picks and include both popular girl names ending in lyn along with unique girl names with the lyn ending. If you love girl names ending in lyn, search this list for an lyn form that might work for your daughter.

  • Girl Names from Africa

    African names for baby girls hail from all around the continent and offer an exotic yet usable complement of choices. While these are some of our favorites, for even more African baby girl names, go to Supersearch and search by origin.

  • Girl Names Like Emily

    Classic girl name Emily has ranked among the top names in the United States since the early 1970s, making it one of the most enduring modern classic baby names for girls. It has influenced the rise of many similar sounding, but fresher girl names, such as Emma, Amelie, and Mila.

    Along with Emma and Mila, other girl names like Emily in the US Top 100 include Amelia, Audrey, Camila, Evelyn, Lily, Penelope, Mia, and Emilia. Rare names that share some of Emily’s lovable qualities include Aurelie, Elowen, Emiko, and Ottilie.

    If you love the sound and style of Emily, but not its popularity, you might like to consider these more unusual alternatives to Emily, ranging from the up-and-coming Everly and Esme to the almost unique Romilly and Eulalie.

  • Girl Names That Mean Life

    Names meaning life may appeal to parents of babies of either gender, but the girls' names that mean life are particularly appealing. Life -- or lively or vivacious or energetic -- is a meaning not attached to a large number of names, but one that is inspiring and uplifting. We also include here names for girls that refer to the place where the person lives. Girl names with meanings that relate to life include the following.

  • Girl Names That Peaked in 2018

    These girl names were at their highest point ever on the official US popularity list in 2018.

    That may mean, of course, that they're at their lifetime peak and it's all downhill from here. Or it might mean they're hot and will only get hotter.

    A name that's been very popular for a long time, like Ava or Olivia, is more likely to soften than one that's been motoring up the charts, like Maeve or Margot. Maeve and Margot's true peak most likely lies several years ahead.

    The only thing this list tells you for sure is that these names are finding widespread favor, whether they're already in the Top 10 or lie much further down the list.

  • Girl Names Trendier Than You Think

    The trendiest baby girl names right now may be a very different group than you'd guess, especially for the first-time parent new to recent baby-naming fads and trends.

    What does trendiness mean when it comes to baby names? We'd call a trendy name that is at the height of stylishness right now, but probably wasn't a generation ago...and may not be a generation from now. Trendy names are usually hot for a decade, though they may remain widely used for years, or even forever. Today's trendy name might well me tomorrow's classic.

    Among the most popular trendy girl names in the US Top 100 are Amelia, Evelyn, Harper, Aubrey, Luna, Aria, Isla, and Everly. Girl names that are incredibly fashionable yet not as widely used include Aveline, Seraphina, Elodie, and Frankie.

    From cool vintage girl names like Iris and Evelyn, to modern nature names like Juniper and Wren, here are some surprisingly trendy names for baby girls.

  • Girls' Names With Gravity

    For many parents, girls' names (and boys' names too) should carry more than an attractive sound and appealing image; they should have real history behind them. These names relate to a range of impressive personages, real and imagined, and also have both breadth and depth in terms of the meaning they convey. Inspired by a fascinating discussion on our forums, here are some girls' names with history and weight.

  • Girly Girl Baby Names

    Girly girl baby names are the most elaborately feminine of baby names. They have become newly fashionable, as today’s brave parents are not intimidated by names that go beyond three syllables. Some girly girl baby names, such as Cassandra and Isabella, have been in use for decades. Others, including Valentina and Luciana, have more recently been discovered by American parents.

    Along with Isabella and Valentina, other girly girl baby names in the US Top 1000 include Anastasia, Arabella, Evangeline, Francesca, Juliette, Liliana, Savannah, and Scarlett. Girly names that remain under-the-radar in America include Georgiana, Mirabelle, Raphaela, and Seraphina.

    Choosing a girly name won’t guarantee your baby girl will be super feminine — after all, your Ariana could always decide to go by Ari — but if you’re hoping for a daughter who wants to dance ballet and covets all things pink, these names certainly fit that image. Here are some super feminine baby names for your own gorgeous girly girl.

  • Gladiator Baby Names

    Gladiator baby names -- boys' names from Ancient Rome -- are suddenly hot again after a couple of millennia, thanks to Hunger Games, HBO's Rome, Atticus Finch, and Russell Crowe. If you're looking for a baby name for your own little gladiator -- or emperor or god, for that matter -- consider the following.

  • Goddess Names for Babies

    Goddess names, the names of mythological figures from all over the world, seem more baby appropriate now that ever, with the rise of ancient Roman names and the discovery of many antique choices, such as Cora and Phoebe.

    Along with Cora and Phoebe, other goddess names in the US Top 1000 include Athena, Aurora, Flora, Freya, Iris, Luna, Selena, and Thalia. Less common goddess names – such as those of Hindu and Celtic goddesses – include Aine, Devi, Lakshmi, and Niamh.

    Our overall top picks are on this list, but for even more goddess names, please see our lists on Greek goddess names and Roman goddess names. For even more unusual choices, check out this list created by @gondolin of Mythological Goddess Names for Girls.

    The most diverse and usable mythological baby names for your own little goddess might include the following.

  • Goldfish Names

    Goldfish names can be as creative as the names for any other pet. And why shouldn't your goldfish have an awesome name? We looked for names for your fish that mean gold or yellow and also focused on names with fish-related meanings as well as names of famous fish -- hi, Dory! Here, some inspired names for pet goldfish.

  • Good Girl Names

    Bad Girl names are hot, but Good Girl names -- sweet, innocent, feminine baby girl names -- are too. If these are too angelic for you, consult the Bad Girl collection.

  • Gorgeous Alternatives to Georgia

    Quirky classic Georgia is one of the most fashionable baby girl names today, balancing British style — Georgia has ranked among the top names in England & Wales for more than two decades — and Southern American charm. Georgia is one of those rare baby names that manages to appeal both to lovers of traditional names, and parents looking for a cool, unusual baby name for their little bundle of joy.

    Along with the similar name Gemma, other alternatives to the name Georgia in the US Top 500 include Clara, Phoebe, Helena, Fiona, Eliza, Felicity, Maeve, and Cora. Options that are much rarer than Georgia, ranking outside of the popularity charts, include Saskia, Leonor, Imogen, and Zinnia.

    Georgia is not quite as uncommon as it used to be: now ranking well within the US Top 300 baby names for girls. If you'd prefer something a little more unique, or simply want to explore other beautiful baby girl names in the style of Georgia, this is the list for you!

  • Gorgeous Autumn Baby Names

    By Sophie Kihm

    For those expecting a fall baby, there are a flurry of colorful autumn-inspired baby names. Names that work best for autumn babies include the names of fall months as well as the season and encompass names for September and October babies as well as names for November babies.

    Names for autumn babies also reference the colors of fall leaves, and autumn-themed nature names such as Birch and Crisanta. Names of the ancient gods of autumn and of fall astrology signs and birthstones can also be appropriate for a baby born in the fall. Autumn baby names might also reference Halloween and Thanksgiving, the prime fall holidays.

    Along with Autumn itself, other popular names for babies born during the fall include Octavia, Luna, Samantha, Hunter, and Oliver, all ranking among the US Top 1000. Unique autumn baby names you might find intriguing include Auberon, Orla, Topaz, Redmond, and Persephone.

    Here are some of the most inspired picks for autumn baby names.

  • Gorgeous Greek Goddess Names

    Greek goddess names are making an unlikely comeback for 21st century babies, combining ancient roots with august namesakes and distinctive style. Some names of the Greek goddesses are well-known in the contemporary Western world, such as Iris and Selene, while others are used occasionally or have been asleep for centuries. Greek mythology is a rich font of names of goddesses as well as sirens, titanesses, nymphs, and muses. The complete list of Greek goddess names usable for your baby is here. Go here for goddess names from a range of cultures.

  • Gothic Baby Names

    Gothic baby names relate to the culture that combines horror with romanticism. Gothic can refer to the medieval or the modern; Gothic style encompasses music and architecture, literature and fashion. Names inspired by goth culture are a little shadowy and a lot mysterious, such as Damien and Ophelia.

    Along with Damien and Ophelia, other Gothic names in the US Top 1000 include Andre, Jasper, Jett, Luna, Raven, Scarlet, Wolf, and Zelda. Gothic baby names with a distinctly dark image include Jezebel, Onyx, Wednesday, and Blackwell.

    Names for a goth baby can include those related to goth icons, goth styles, or goth imagery. Here are some boy and girl names that, for a range of reasons, might be considered Gothic. Baby appropriate? In a dark sort of way...

  • Great Names for Big Dogs

    Big dogs need big names: names that mean large or great, names too dramatic or wild to use on a baby. Naming your large dog can be a chance to use one of those guilty pleasure names, a name that was just a bit too imposing to use on a baby, or a name that gives your pooch dignity and gravitas. Or you can spin things in the opposite direction and choose a name that means small. Here, major names for large dogs.

  • Great Names for Small Dogs

    When picking dog names for smaller breeds, you need to choose something that reflects all the charm, personality and good things that come in your small package. Many of the names here mean small, little, or tiny, or are diminutives that convey that message -- perfect names for a small dog. And while Baby and Tiny are too obvious for some, here is a list of other names you may want to consider for your tiny pooch.

  • Greek Baby Names for Modern Kids

    Classic Greek baby names are a rich source of modern names, But which Greek names work best for today's babies? Some names of ancient gods and goddesses have become newly baby-appropriate, while there are many other traditional names that have Greek roots. Here is our pick of the best Greek baby names today.

  • Green Names for Dogs

    Green names, names that symbolize nature and the earth, can be perfect for an outdoorsy kind of dog or other pet. Green names might reference plants, trees, and flowers. Green names can be a nod to the environment or ecology. Or green names might literally mean green. Here, green names for your puppy or dog.