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  • Early African-American Names

    Early American slave rolls are filled with classical and biblical names designed to show off the slave-owners' education and not normally used for whites; variations of African day names and place-names; along with other unusual names more closely identified over the years with black than white American culture. Some of the most notable early African-American names:

  • Elegant Alternatives to Charlotte

    By Emma Waterhouse

    Charlotte is one of the cool classic girl names currently rising rapidly up the popularity charts — it entered the US Top 10 in 2014, and then got a further big boost in 2015 thanks to the arrival of Great Britain's sweet Princess Charlotte. The elegant baby girl name Charlotte also ranks in the Top 10 in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Famous bearers of the name Charlotte from history and literature include Jane Eyre author Charlotte Brontë, Charlotte Lucas, Elizabeth Bennet's level-headed best friend in Pride and Prejudice, and a kind and clever spider in E.B. White's Charlotte's Web.

    Charlotte also appeals to parents looking for traditional baby names for girls, nickname-rich baby girl names, as well as strong girl names which are feminine, but not too frilly. If that's your style, but you'd prefer a slightly more uncommon baby girl name, this list is for you! Here is a selection of beautiful and unusual alternatives to Charlotte, which still share its classic and sophisticated appeal.

  • English Names with International Style

    English names have traveled to non-English speaking cultures in recent years, moving up the popularity lists in several European countries including France, Germany, and Sweden. Note that when we say English names, we may include names that technically have their origins in other cultures but that have enjoyed widespread use in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and other English-speaking locales for decades. The traditional English names enjoying new international popularity and style include the following selections.

  • English Word Names

    English names might be easiest to define when they're actual word names drawn from the English languages and transformed into baby names. This genre has grown tremendously in the past decade, to the point that now parents are creating names from words they love or that have a symbolic meaning in English along with other languages such as Spanish, French, or Italian.

    Of course, there is also a long tradition of English names that were originally flower or place or inspirational or other word names, most notably practiced by the Puritans. At this point, words like Iris or Mercy or Christian have been used so long as names that they are solid entries in the name lexicon apart from their original connection to the words that inspired them.

    Today, celebrities are often coining names from English words -- think North, Saint, Bear -- and so helping to popularize not just the specific names but the whole concept. And stars from Drake to Rebel Wilson have driven the word name idea home. Now, almost any English word is fair game for transformation to a baby name. And if you're not adventurous enough to use these new word names as first names, you might want to consider them as middle names to add uniqueness and meaning.Newer English word names finding wide favor include the following.

  • Exotic Lite Baby Names

    Maybe you want an exotic name for your baby....but not too exotic. Something international, yet recognizable to most Americans. Your category? Could be the Exotic Lite baby names here, from a range of cultures.

  • Exoticized Names

    Make your favorite baby names more international by exoticizing them. The examples here show how to put an exotic spin on classic baby names.