Precious Baby Names

These baby names drawn from gems and other precious materials might be right for your little treasure.

  • Goldie

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    More Sadie than Sadie, this old canasta player--somewhat modernized and energized by Goldie Hawn--looks like it could be making a comeback. It was recently chosen for her daughter by Ione Skye... Read More 

  • Ivory

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Ivory was last popular a hundred years ago. In 2013, it finally began to regain some momentum in the female rankings, reentering the Top 1000 as Number 867. 2016 saw it rise to Number 640. ... Read More 

  • Jade

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    As cool as the precius green stone said to transmit wisdom, clarity, justice, courage, and modesty, Jade has been rising in popularity since Mick and Bianca Jagger chose it for their daughter in... Read More 

  • Jet

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Though this may be thought of as a short form of the legitimate name Jetta, that one's gone to the cars. This sounds more modern if a bit supersonic. In the Netherlands, it's Number 149,... Read More 

  • Jewel

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Just like Flora is for botanicals, Jewel is the generic gemstone name, not used much since the early twentieth century, when it was seen as a symbol of how precious a daughter could be. The French... Read More 

  • Mercury

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    It's a car brand, a planet, and the messenger of the gods -- but it's questionable whether it works as a little girl's name. Read More 

  • Onyx

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    One of the few of this class to have a husky boyish sound.Read More 

  • Opal

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Opal is on the verge of a repolishing, following other jewel names like Ruby and Pearl. A Top 100 name during the first two decades of the twentieth century, the opalescent Opal has a good chance... Read More 

  • Pearl

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Pearl, like Ruby, has begun to be polished up for a new generation of fashionable children after a century of jewelry box storage. The birthstone for the month of June, Pearl could also make a... Read More 

  • Ruby

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Ruby, vibrant red, sassy and sultry, has definitely outshone the other revived vintage gem names, with its sparkling resume of cultural references.

    Ruby is an early rock classic --... Read More 

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