Colorful Names That Mean Blue

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  • Caelum

    The name Caelum is a boy's name meaning "heaven". A constellation name that could have broad appeal beyond astronomers and astrophysicists. Although they bear similarity, Caelum is unrelated... Read More 

  • Celeste

    The name Celeste is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "heavenly". Celeste is a softly pretty and somewhat quaint name with heavenly overtones, which kids might associate with Queen Celeste of... Read More 

  • Celestia

    The name Celestia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "heavenly". Celestia is a heavenly name that sounds more ethereal than Celeste, Celestia might make a distinctive, feminine choice if... Read More 

  • Celestial

    The name Celestial is a girl's name meaning "of the heavens, planets or stars". A pretty and almost unique word name to add to the galaxy of astral appellations. More distinctive than the better... Read More 

  • Celestin

    The name Celestin is a unisex name meaning "heavenly". You may be familiar with Celeste, but have you considered this beautiful choice for a boy, currently highly fashionable in France, derived... Read More 

  • Celestina

    The name Celestina is a girl's name of Spanish, Italian origin meaning "heavenly". We are hearing more of such heavenly names as Celeste and Celia, which opens the door to the range of lovely... Read More 

  • Celestine

    The name Celestine is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "heavenly". Celestine is a pretty, crystalline extension (actually a diminutive) of Celeste that would make a choice that is both... Read More 

  • Celestino

    The name Celestino is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "belonging to heaven". Classic Italian name with celestial vibes. Read More 

  • Celia

    The name Celia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "heavenly". Celia, splendidly sleek and feminine, is a name that was scattered throughout Shakespeare and other Elizabethan literature, but... Read More 

  • Celimene

    The name Celimene is a girl's name meaning "heavenly strength". Célimène is a literary name invented by the 17th century French playwright Molière for a character in his 1666 play Le... Read More 

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