Names That Mean Blessed

  • Zebedee

    The name Zebedee is a boy's name meaning "gift of God". Zebedee is an adorable and unusual New Testament name--which may sound like but is not a contradiction in terms. Unlike some of the longer... Read More 

  • Zebediah

    The name Zebediah is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "gift of Jehovah". Biblical names are expanding (literally) as some parents move from Isaiah and Elijah to more elaborate choices with... Read More 

  • Zelig

    The name Zelig is a unisex name of Yiddish origin meaning "blessed, happy". A plausible choice—if it can ever shake off its ubiquitous-guy Woody Allen identity. Read More 

  • Zevadiah

    The name Zevadiah is a boy's name meaning "God's gift". One of the most unusual of the "iah" names, it comes with the appealing and usable nickname Zev.Read More 

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